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K&N®-Sponsored Off-Road Racer Sara Price Earns Top 5 Finish in the Baja 500

Sara Price just completed her first-ever SCORE International BAJA 500—achieving a commendable 5th place finish in the Trophy Truck Spec class with navigator Erica Sacks. The duo completed all 542 miles together, on a course that many are calling the toughest in Baja 500 history. In preparation, Price and her RPM Offroad teammates logged over 1000 practice miles before the official race even began.

Sara Price and Erica Sacks

Sara Price and Erica Sacks

Price and Sacks battled fuel pump issues during the race, but the RPM Offroad team was able to execute quick repairs that kept the truck on the course without further issues—allowing them to finish in 14 hours and 47 minutes.

“It was amazing to be able to perform like we did at the 500,” Price commented. “It’s a lifelong dream to be able to complete that race—and to not only drive the whole thing, but also to finish in the top five. Erica and I pre-ran the course and made sure our notes were as detailed as possible. We were focused on being smart and consistent, and along with our incredible team, RPM Offroad and Geiser Brothers, we kept the truck together until the finish line.”

Price's trophy truck

Price's trophy truck

Price will continue to compete in the SCORE International series in the Trophy Truck Spec class under Team RPM Offroad. The SCORE International series includes many desert races on the Baja California Peninsula, including the San Felipe 250, the Baja 500, and the Baja 1000.

Price began racing at the age of eight, and collected nineteen amateur titles in motocross—the most wins of any female amateur to date—going on to medal in the Women’s Super X at the 2010 X Games. She was also the first factory-supported female racer to join Kawasaki. “I believe in actions,” Price noted, “And with that comes respect for your hard work, dedication, and results. Female or male—when that helmet goes on, we are racers.”

Sara Price

Price is a veteran racer in both motocross and off-road

She earned second-place overall in the side-by-side championship of the 2015 Lucas Oil Regional Series, and won the Terracross Championship that same year. In 2016, Price was the first woman to lead laps in the Robby Gordon Stadium SUPER Truck Series, and was named the 2016 Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Rising Star—a prestigious honor intended to recognize remarkable talent. She has also worked as a professional stuntwoman and precision driver for television and film.

K&N has been a supporter of Price since early in her career. “K&N’s been amazing," she noted. "They’ve been with me from the very beginning. I use the products on every vehicle I have—even on my daily driver, I have a K&N intake installed. You get the most horsepower, and you can trust it—you’re protected.”

Look for Sara Price in the SCORE Tijuana Desert Challenge, taking place from September 19-23 in Tijuana, Mexico.

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