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K&N®-Sponsored Lucas Oil Protection Trucks Help Save Racers’ Lives

Regardless of the type of track or vehicle—dirt or pavement, off-road or drifting—racers live on the edge. With every race comes the possibility of serious injury—and for drivers in many Lucas Oil Off-Road Series events, that’s when the K&N® Lucas Oil Protection Team steps in to help avert disaster.

A Lucas Oil Protection Team Toyota Tundra

The Lucas Oil Protection Team vehicles have to be able to handle rough and dirty terrain with ease

The K&N Lucas Oil Protection Team is trained to reach racers in crisis within seconds of an accident. Whether it’s flipping a truck, putting out a fire, or extricating a trapped driver, these professionals—many of whom are off-duty firefighters and EMTs—are scattered throughout the course and ready to save lives at a moment’s notice. To reach drivers in danger, of course, the team has to have safety vehicles capable of traversing all terrains. The fleet of K&N protection trucks—five Toyota Tundras featuring K&N filters—has to be able to manage demanding off-road environments with speed and agility in order to reach racers in danger. And, of course, they rely on K&N filters to help keep their engines clean in those dusty and muddy environments.

The protection team in action, helping a driver flip a vehicle

The protection team in action, helping a driver flip a vehicle

“In virtually every race, there’s a crash that’s so spectacular that you wonder how the driver walks away—and it’s because our crew is right there instantly to help out,” commented Alex Striler, Director of Sales and Marketing for Team Lucas. “Without K&N’s support, we probably could not continue the racing to the extent that we do.”

And it’s no exaggeration—with fifteen to twenty vehicles hurtling toward the same tight turn, dangerous collisions are a common occurrence. The protection trucks have to be capable of navigating off-road tracks that would be inaccessible to your average vehicle—and they have to be able to do so quickly.

A Lucas Oil Protection Team Toyota Tundra

K&N sponsors a fleet of protection vehicles for the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series, all featuring

“The performance on the truck is incredibly important. We’ve got a system in place with K&N that can take in the volume of dust and dirt that [off-roading] might create,” commented Greg Cozzo of Lucas Oil Racing TV. Each of the Tundras has a K&N High-Flow Air Filter™ (available for almost every make and model at, which is washable, reusable, and able to protect the engine even in particulate-heavy environments. “Maintenance is critical,” added Alex Striler. “Before every event, we have to do full maintenance. With the reusables, we just inspect them and put them back on—it makes it very easy and convenient.”

We know that the drivers in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series feel confident in the expertise and dedication of their protection team—and the protection team has confidence in their trucks, knowing that they’re protected by Lucas Oil and K&N Filters.

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