K&N's KNFilters.com Website is Honored by the National Catalog Managers Association

K&N Engineering’s web site, KNFilters.com received the National Catalog Managers Association (NCMA) Award for Web Catalog Excellence at the 33rd Annual Knowledge Exchange Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

  The award recognizes automotive aftermarket companies for excellence in electronic cataloging. Over 200 vendors and members attended the event.

“Our judging committee was very impressed with the K&N Catalog,” said Tim Hardin, one of the NCMA judges. “The process for picking a winner is complex. For more than a week judges look at all the different items in a catalog. We consider page layout, use of color, size and type of fonts, also the simplicity of going from one page to the next. K&N stood out.”

“My department maintains the application information,” said K&N Engineering Product Configuration and Data Control Manager Kerrie Helseth. “K&N’s data is inclusive and accurate and this makes a difference to our vendors. We are very proud to be recognized within the industry.”

“It is a really important award,” said K&N Vice-President of Communications Tim Martin. “We have spent a lot of time designing and improving the KNFilters.com website to meet the needs of consumers and dealers. “We placed a lot of effort in coordinating and improving electronic data and we have implemented the latest complex electronic data standards.”

The IT Team at K&N made it possible to provide visibility to a deeper level of information for consumers interested in aftermarket products. The first thing many consumers buy for a car is a K&N Filter, and now it’s easy to find out what is available for that car. KNFilters.com provides product searches with a lot of flexibility. “If you want a K&N Universal Filter you can search by virtually any attribute of the filter,” said Martin. “It does not have to be in any particular order.”

“The biggest benefit to this work is the real-time catalog visibility. We make direct changes to product and vehicle application data on our website. The level of integration and real-time update of our catalog data is not typical in the aftermarket automotive industry. Many of our dealers use our website to find products rather than traditional paper catalogs. We also get the same benefits in the way we provide dealer referrals,” said  Martin. “We make tens of thousands of referrals every month. We used to maintain a K&N dealer list that only changed once a month or so. Now we update the data directly and new dealers are listed on our website within a short period of time.”

I’m really proud of the K&N team and all the hard work involved, said Martin.

Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.


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