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K&N Replacement Air Filters for Screamin’ Eagle Intakes are Designed for Power

K&N filter installed in a Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle intake

A customer in the UK sent us this great photo of a K&N filter in his Screamin' Eagle intake

K&N has developed a full range of replacement air filters for Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle intakes. The filters are the perfect melding of fit, performance, and protection. Let’s take a quick look at some actual customer reactions to the K&N line of filters for Screamin’ Eagle intakes.


Rich, from Wallace, California, hit the nail on the head when he told us that his new HD-0808 filter is a, “perfect fit for the Screamin’ Eagle intake. Great product as always!” Robert of Cape Coral, Florida, said that his E-3226 filter, “fit(s) better than the factory filter. Thanks again.” Obviously K&N’s engineers have done their homework on the replacement filters for the Screamin’ Eagle intakes.


Not only are the K&N filters a perfect fit for the SE intakes, but they offer up that legendary K&N performance. Dan, from Somerset, Pennsylvania, said his HD-0910 filter provides, “much better air intake and noticeable power when I pulled out of the garage. Well worth the expense, especially since it's lifetime.” Camron of Boone, North Carolina, says his HD-0910 filter, “works great; fits just as (well) as the original filter. Breathes a lot better, and sounds great.”

Product view of the tear-drop HD-0808 for Scremin's Eagle intakes

The tear-drop HD-0808 is a perfect fit for intakes using the Ventilator 29385-08

Protection and Service

Richard of Jacksonville, Illinois, said, “These are good, high flow, cleanable air filters.” Dave M. said his new HD-0910 filter, “is so much better than the stock filter and easier to clean, thanks to K&N.” Clearly, both Richard and Dave appreciate the highly effective and fully washable cotton gauze filter media. K&N takes engine protection and ease of cleaning seriously.


So now that you have heard from actual Harley owners who have installed K&N replacement filters in their Screamin’ Eagle intakes, let’s take a look at the products for your application.

K&N HD-0900 replacement filter for Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle intakes

The K&N HD-0900 replacement filter will make your Sportster scream

K&N HD-0910:

This oval filter is a direct replacement for the Screamin' Eagle Ventilator 29670-09. This is an intake application that fits many 2008-2014 Harley FL and FX touring models. The HD-0910 filter showed an estimated filtration efficiency of well over 98% in K&N’s testing.

K&N HD-0818:

This is a round filter built to replace the Screamin' Eagle Ventilator 29244-08. The HD-0818 fits the SE intake for the 2016 and 2017 110 CI Harley-Davidson FLSS Softail with the Slim S intake. K&N’s testing resulted in an estimated overall filtration efficiency reading of over 98.5% with this filter.

K&N HD-0808:

This is the tear-drop shaped filter that replaces the Screamin' Eagle Ventilator 29385-08. The HD-0808 fits select 2008-2014 Dyna models. The K&N testing on this filter resulted in an impressive filtration estimate number of almost 99%.

K&N filter and box for Scremin's Eagle intakes

K&N replacement filters for Screamin' Eagle intakes are pre-oiled and ready to install

K&N HD-0900:

If your Screamin' Eagle intake uses the Ventilator 29044-04B, this is your high-performance filter option. The HD-0900 fits many 2004-2014 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 and 1200 models with the Screamin' Eagle upgrade. The filter has an estimated overall efficiency of over 98% and has a dirt holding capacity of an impressive 27 grams.

K&N HD-0600:

Select 2004-2014 EVO with early style RevTech® intakes with the top plate will use this replacement filter. It replaces the Screamin' Eagle Ventilator 29055-89 unit. H-D models with the late style RevTech intakes will use the E-4660.

K&N E-3224, E-3225, and E-3226:

The E-3224 replacement filter fits many Screamin' Eagle intakes with the "D" teardrop housing. The SE intakes with the standard teardrop housing will accommodate the E-3225. The E-3226 is the performance filter upgrade for the "Super E" and "Super G" teardrop models. Like all of the other K&N filters for Screamin' Eagle intakes, these models offer up premium performance and protection.


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