K&N Replacement Air Filter Gives Kia Soul and Hyundai I20 Performance Boost

The Kia Soul is a freshly stylized crossover SUV that blends cool with functionality seamlessly. While the Kia Soul is reshaping the crossover SUV platform, the Hyundai I20 is making huge waves in the subcompact culture for both the Asian and European markets.
K&N's 33-2960 replacement panel air filter
K&N's 33-2960 replacement panel air filter

K&N has released a washable reusable replacement panel air filter (33-2960) for both the Kia Soul and the Hyundai I20. This air filter is designed to provide outstanding engine protection and increase horsepower as well as last for the lifetime of your vehicle.

This K&N air filter employs an oiled cotton media and is designed to simply drop into your factory air box.

The 33-2960 comes with the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty and will be the last air filter your vehicle will ever need. K&N has been making air filters in Riverside, California since 1969.

The 33-2960 fits the following makes and models.

2016 KIA VENGA 1.6L
2016 KIA VENGA 1.6L Diesel
2016 KIA VENGA 1.4L
2016 HYUNDAI IX20 1.6L
2016 HYUNDAI IX20 1.6L Diesel
2016 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L Diesel
2015 KIA VENGA 1.6L
2015 KIA VENGA 1.6L Diesel
2015 KIA VENGA 1.4L
2015 HYUNDAI IX20 1.6L
2015 HYUNDAI IX20 1.6L Diesel
2015 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L
2015 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L Diesel
2014 KIA VENGA 1.6L
2014 KIA VENGA 1.6L Diesel
2014 KIA VENGA 1.4L
2014 KIA VENGA 1.4L Diesel
2014 HYUNDAI IX20 1.6L
2014 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L
2014 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L Diesel
2014 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L
2014 HYUNDAI I20 1.2L
2014 HYUNDAI I20 1.1L Diesel
2013 KIA VENGA 1.6L
2013 KIA VENGA 1.6L Diesel
2013 KIA VENGA 1.4L
2013 KIA VENGA 1.4L Diesel
2013 KIA SOUL 1.6L Diesel
2013 HYUNDAI IX20 1.6L
2013 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L
2013 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L Diesel
2013 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L
2013 HYUNDAI I20 1.2L
2013 HYUNDAI I20 1.1L Diesel
2012 KIA VENGA 1.6L
2012 KIA VENGA 1.6L Diesel
2012 KIA VENGA 1.4L
2012 KIA VENGA 1.4L Diesel
2012 KIA SOUL 1.6L Diesel
2012 HYUNDAI IX20 1.6L
2012 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L
2012 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L Diesel
2012 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L
2012 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L Diesel
2012 HYUNDAI I20 1.2L
2012 HYUNDAI I20 1.1L Diesel
2011 KIA VENGA 1.6L
2011 KIA VENGA 1.6L Diesel
2011 KIA VENGA 1.4L
2011 KIA VENGA 1.4L Diesel
2011 KIA SOUL 2.0L
2011 KIA SOUL 1.6L
2011 KIA SOUL 1.6L Diesel
2011 HYUNDAI IX20 1.6L
2011 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L
2011 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L Diesel
2011 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L
2011 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L Diesel
2011 HYUNDAI I20 1.2L
2010 KIA VENGA 1.6L
2010 KIA VENGA 1.6L Diesel
2010 KIA VENGA 1.4L
2010 KIA VENGA 1.4L Diesel
2010 KIA SOUL 2.0L
2010 KIA SOUL 1.6L
2010 KIA SOUL 1.6L Diesel
2010 HYUNDAI IX20 1.6L
2010 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L
2010 HYUNDAI IX20 1.4L Diesel
2010 HYUNDAI I20 1.6L
2010 HYUNDAI I20 1.6L Diesel
2010 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L
2010 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L Diesel
2010 HYUNDAI I20 1.2L
2009 KIA SOUL 1.6L
2009 KIA SOUL 1.6L Diesel
2009 HYUNDAI I20 1.6L
2009 HYUNDAI I20 1.6L Diesel
2009 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L
2009 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L Diesel
2009 HYUNDAI I20 1.2L
2008 KIA SOUL 1.6L
2008 KIA SOUL 1.6L Diesel
2008 HYUNDAI I20 1.6L
2008 HYUNDAI I20 1.6L Diesel
2008 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L
2008 HYUNDAI I20 1.4L Diesel
2008 HYUNDAI I20 1.2L

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