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K&N Replacement Air Filter for Suzuki RM125 and RM250 Dirtbikes Now Available

Air Filter for Suzuki RM250 and RM125 Air Filter for Suzuki RM250 and RM125
K&N Engineering has released a High-Flow Replacement Air Filter, SU-2596, that fits many Suzuki RM125 and RM250 dirtbikes. The K&N SU-2596 Air Filter is pleated and offers a larger amount of surface area over your typical foam filter. It provides long service intervals and virtually unrestricted air-flow to keep your engine breathing strong.

Air Filter Installed in Suzuki RM250 Air Filter Installed in Suzuki RM250
This motorcycle replacement air filter, SU-2596, was designed in two pieces for easy installation. It is built with an epoxy coated aluminum wire mesh, incorporated into a back-fire screen which protects the filter element, while delivering optimum air-flow. A rubber gasket is used to increase protection and keep the intake free and clear of debris.

The SU-2596 comes out of the box pre-oiled and with the top off. K&N provides a 1 oz. tube of grease to ensure the perfect seal at the top and bottom of the air box. All of K&N's Off-Road Replacement Air Filters are washable, reusable and covered by our K&N Racing and Off Road Limited Warranty.

Product Applications are as follows:
2004 SUZUKI RM250 250
2003 SUZUKI RM250 250
2002 SUZUKI RM250 250
2001 SUZUKI RM250 250
2000 SUZUKI RM250 250
2000 SUZUKI RM125 125
1999 SUZUKI RM250 250
1999 SUZUKI RM125 125
1998 SUZUKI RM125 125
1997 SUZUKI RM125 125
1996 SUZUKI RM125 125

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