K&N Releases Air Filters for NASCAR Truck & Busch Series Racers

One of the nation's largest and fastest growing sports is NASCAR. As consumers flock to races and drivers continue to wow the spectators, K&N Engineering has discovered a new niche market with new 2-ply cotton un-oiled filters designed for NASCAR series racers.

E-3024R NASCAR air filter
E-3024R NASCAR air filter
NASCAR (stock-car and truck) racers have a choice of K&N's new replacement air filters (E-3024R, E-3025R, E-3026R, E-3027R, E-3028R, E-3029R, E-3030R, E-3031R). "The 14 inch round filters are for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and the NASCAR Busch Series; The16 inch round is for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series," said K&N Engineering Sports Marketing Director Charles Maier. "We offer the new filter to teams in quarter inch increments from 3, 3 ¼, 3 ½, 3 ¾, and 4 for both the 14 and 16 inch filter." There are 5 of the size 14 and 5 of the size 16. Eight filters are available now and two more will be available soon.

NASCAR rules require air filters in order to race. K&N's new 2-ply cotton un-oiled filters meet NASCAR requirements. "The 2-ply cotton works the same as our 4-ply," said Maier. "It just allows more air to flow."

"K&N is not trying to convince the racing teams by telling them our product is better," said Maier. "We're building the best air filter and letting the teams decide for themselves, and when they see their racers are running better they'll know our product is no snake oil." K&N makes a quality filter and many of the racers do not have to be convinced.

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