K&N Releases a New 3 Inch Flange Cone Shaped Universal Air Filter

K&N designs and manufactures a wide variety of universal air filters for many different uses. Regardless of the shape or size, K&N probably has a universal air filter for your specific needs.

K&N's RU-5176 Universal Air Filter.
K&N's RU-5176 Universal Air Filter.
K&N has released a new round tapered universal air filter (RU-5176). It is constructed with an ultra-strong pliable rubber flange, which absorbs vibration and allows for secure attachment. K&N universal air filter flanges can stretch up to 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) to fit in between sizes.

The RU-5176 is five inches (127 mm) in height with an outside base diameter of six inches (152 mm) and a rubber top that has an outside diameter of five inches (127 mm). The inside diameter of the flange is three inches (76 mm). The flange length is two inches (51 mm), which allows plenty of room to clamp around many engine or motor intakes.

K&N universal air filters are designed to provide increased airflow while providing excellent engine protection. The RU-5176, like all K&N universal air filters, is a washable reusable filter.

Find K&N universal air filters for your needs by using the Universal Air Filter Search by Dimension on knfilters.com.  To find K&N products specifically for your vehicle use the K&N Application Search.  


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