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K&N Products Well-Received At The Industry-Only China Auto Salon In Shanghai

The Nissan GT-R Nismo was selected to best represent the ambitions of car tuning in China

The modified Nissan GT-R Nismo in K&N colors was a big attraction in the K&N booth

In a very brief period of time, China has become the largest new vehicle market in the world. It first took the lead position in 2009 when it experienced a 46-percent growth over the previous year, and then another 32 percent growth in 2010. While annual increases have recently slowed to single digits, sales are still climbing.

Car shoppers in China can choose from imported cars, vehicles built under a joint venture agreement such as Ford, Toyota, Mazda, and GM, and indigenous manufacturers like Geely Automotive, FAW Group, and Dongfang Motor Company.

K&N Engineering has been an active participant in the growing aftermarket that trails these record-setting vehicle sales; the company has attended the China Auto Salon in Shanghai, the preeminent aftermarket event in the country as a member of the SEMA delegation. And like the SEMA Show, the China Auto salon is not open to the public – just exhibitors, buyers, and the motoring media.

K&N displayed a range of products from air and cabin filters to cold air intake kits

The sizeable K&N booth made an impression on show-goers as well as displayed the complete line

According to David Hill, Sales Manager for K&N, “This is our first year with our own dedicated booth, but we have previously attended as part of the SEMA delegation in 2016.”

Last year, K&N utilized the China Auto Salon as an opportunity to meet with some of the key distributors in the country. For 2017, K&N stepped-up its presence with the addition of a sizeable booth at the show. This allowed the company to meet with a larger number of buyers in various distribution channels.

Hill was pleased with the results from the show and K&N’s growth opportunities in the market. “We received a very positive reaction to K&N products. Car tuning in China is a relatively new phenomenon there, but they are very enthusiastic about it. K&N is established in the market, but we are looking to rapidly expand the brand's presence in the market, hence the reason for the booth.”

And what was displayed in the booth? “We presented all the products, but the focus was air filter elements and cabin filters,” the David explained.

K&N received great media coverage and word of mouth after their participation in the show

Over the course of the show the booth was visted by thousands of buyers and media

China has a mixed bag when it comes to the range of vehicles available – imported, joint venture, and Chinese-developed. How is K&N addressing this market? “We are currently offering a wide range of products for imported cars and locally-manufactured international brands, but also for some domestic Chinese brands as well,” Hill explained.

“K&N is currently working on a busy development schedule to increase our range for China, with at least 40 new filters currently being worked on, with 20-25 new parts numbers due for release this year,” he added.

“We were really excited to attend this year’s China Auto Salon and look forward to returning next year. The enthusiasm for K&N was really great to see and the show provided a great platform to promote our brand and have the opportunity to display our full range of products,” Hill concluded.


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