K&N Offers Guaranteed Horsepower for the Mach 1 Mustang With Their 57 Series FIPK® Intake Kit

RIVERSIDE, CA, -- The 2003 and 2004 Ford Mach 1 Mustang are two of the coolest retro-rods to come from Dearborn in recent years. In box-stock form, its 4.6L DOHC V-8 spun the K&N DynoJet Dyno to a peak of 269 horsepower. With the easy-to-install K&N 57 Series Fuel Injection Performance Kit (FIPK®) (Part # 57-2555) Mach 1 owners can boost peak output by almost 12 horsepower at the rear wheels! Mustangs fitted with aftermarket exhausts experienced even greater improvements.

K&N used their more than 35 years of experience to develop the Ford Mach 1 FIPK® Intake Kit from scratch. In designing the Mach 1 Kit K&N Engineers took advantage of the vehicle's unique shaker hood scoop. By coupling a heat shield to the factory hood scoop, K&N was able to ensure the coolest possible charge of air enters into the intake. Inside, this FIPK's® art and science is in its radius adapter that mates the filter to the roto-molded intake tube, which improves airflow into the factory throttle body.

Installation is relatively straightforward. Major steps include removing the stock intake tube and airbox, then adding the K&N heat shield, radius adapter and intake tube and clamping the famous K&N High-Flow Air Filter. As with all K&N Intake Kits, the FIPK® is designed to bolt in easily and works will all factory sensors and emissions equipment. This system is covered by the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®. Cleaning is a simple process with the K&N Recharger® Kit (sold separately) and with recommended cleaning every 100,000 miles (depending on conditions), a K&N filter will often last longer than the vehicle.

For additional information, please contact K&N Engineering, Inc., P.O. Box 1329, Riverside, CA 92502-1329, (800) 213-4182 for a dealer near you, (800) 858-3333 for technical service/questions, (951) 826-4001 Fax, e-mail tech@knfilters.com or visit www.knfilters.com.

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