K&N Makes a Great ATV Better with Improved Airflow and Performance

The TRX450R is not just another four-wheeler. It is one of the most anticipated quads of the past 15 years. ATV enthusiasts like the motor which has the basic architecture of the motorcycle and the engine cases' interior webbing that was completely redesigned.

Powerlid for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2014 Honda TRX450R and TRX450ER
Powerlid for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2014 Honda TRX450R and TRX450ER
For 2006, the TRX450R is all new from the ground-up, with more power and an electric start option. For hardcore race and sport ATV's K&N Engineering has a new Powerlid (HA-4506-T) that eliminates restrictive ATV intake snorkels by replacing the stock air box lid with a high airflow lid.

The Powerlid uses K&N washable and reusable filter technology to make a great ATV even better with improved airflow. "When you use a Powerlid, it changes the stock jetting considerably," said K&N Powersports Brand Manager Johnny Jump. "Typically it can be difficult to find the right jets to make the bike run perfectly. K&N supplies the right jets to make sure the rider can tune his bike accurately and ride it immediately." HA-4506-T is designed for the 2006 to 2014 Honda TRX450R and 2006 to 2014 Honda TRX450ER.

All K&N Powerlids come with a PreCharger filter wrap for the lid and a carburetor jet selection kit if required. "A Pre-Charger/Dry Charger Filter wrap helps to increase the service life of the Filter and helps stop particles of dirt from clogging up the filter," said Jump. "It is typically used in longer off-road races."

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