K&N Increases Performance And Horsepower of 2009-2016 Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja Sportbike Motorcycles

Constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, Kawasaki has once again redesigned its potent ZX-6R Ninja 600 cc motorcycle.

One of K&N's famous four layer OE replacement air filters for street vehicles, part number KA-6009
One of K&N's famous four layer OE replacement air filters for street vehicles, part number KA-6009.
K&N race specific 2009 to 2016 ZX-6R air filter KA-6009R
K&N race specific 2009 to 2016 ZX-6R air filter KA-6009R
Whether you purchased your 2009 to 2016 ZX-6R to ride on the street or to race on the track, K&N can help increase horsepower and acceleration.

For 2009 to 2016 ZX-6R motorcycles used in normal non-racing environments, K&N has now released one of its famous four layer OE replacement air filters, part number KA-6009, for excellent engine protection and airflow. This high-flow replacement motorcycle air filter is washable/reusable, pre-oiled and ready to ride. K&N’s KA-6009 is specifically designed to fit into the stock air filter assembly of 2009 to 2016 ZX-6R Ninja models without needing any air box modifications.

K&N high-flow replacement air filters are performance designed to provide increased airflow over traditional paper filters. This increase in airflow results in increased horsepower and torque while providing excellent filtration. Fuel management modifications to your ZX-6R are not necessary to obtain increased performance with stock replacement air filter KA-6009.

KA-6009 is covered by the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®, and is made in the USA. K&N’s KA-6009 will be the last air filter your motorcycle will ever need.

For those who purchased their 2009 to 2016 ZX-6R strictly for the purpose of rubbing elbows with fellow racers, K&N can help the ZX-6R stand out from the on track competition. K&N’s new race specific air filter (KA-6009R) is designed to increase performance in 2009 to 2016 Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja racing motorcycles.

K&N’s line of race specific air filters are designed for asphalt racing only. Part number KA-6009R is very different from its stock replacement air filter counter part (KA-6009). KA-6009R takes performance to the next level. It incorporates unique two-ply cotton media in a special pleat pattern to be less restrictive, providing extra airflow. As a result this K&N racing air filter flows considerably more air than even a K&N OE replacement filter. This in turn increases horsepower and acceleration for the racetrack.

K&N air filter number KA-6009R is washable and reusable. It will fit directly inside your OE air box assembly. No cutting or fitting modifications are required to install this filter, but fuel management modifications will be necessary to obtain optimum performance.

K&N’s KA-6009R is warranted against defective workmanship for one year after the date of purchase with no mileage limitation. This K&N air filter is designed for asphalt racing only. It is not intended for dirt track, off-road or highway use.

K&N also offers a line of performance oil filters for use on and off the racetrack. K&N performance oil filters are made with synthetic filter media, which is compatible with modern synthetic oils. Our oil filters feature high flow rates, a heavy-duty canister, high burst strength and a 17mm wrench-off nut that is pre-drilled for safety wire attachment. K&N oil filters are ideal for race applications, hard to reach oil filters, high-performance engines, and use with synthetic oils. This makes the ZX-6R Ninja an ideal candidate for a K&N performance Wrench-Off Oil filter™.

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