K&N Filters Approved for Stock Class at AMA and NMA Sanctioned Events

K&N Engineering's MX XStream Filters (HA-4503XD), (YA-2506XD), (KA-2506XD) and (KA-2504) are now approved for use in Stock Classes. Amateur racers planning to race Ponca City, Oklahoma or Loretta Lynn's in Tennessee have been concerned, wondering if the K&N Filtration System would be allowed in "Stock" Class Competition at these National Level Amateur Events.

K&N Engineering's MX XStream Top Air Filter
K&N Engineering's MX XStream Top Air Filter
The American Motorcycle Association and National Motosport Association said the K&N MX Stream Top Filters are legal for the 125 and 250 Stock Classes. K&N's MX Stream-Top Air Filter is a two piece design that does not use the stock air filter cage, however it includes a built in Back-Fire Screen that acts as an approved flame arrestor.

"If you remove your OEM Air Filter Cage and Back-Fire Screen, but replace it with a K&N, which includes the built-in back fire screen, you are okay for NMA Sanctioned Events," said Ron Henricksen of the National Motosport Association. "As long as you are running a Back-Fire Screen and the Air Box is in tact, you are legal by NMA standards."

Motorcycles cannot be altered in Stock Class races. The only exceptions or changes in the stock class that will be allowed are the Air Breather may be removed or replaced and the air box may be drilled or replaced.

"K&N Filters will be legal in all stock classes, provided they are used in an unaltered OEM airbox," said AMA Sports Motocross Manager Ryan Holliday. "Removing a backfire screen that is attached to the airbox is not legal in stock classes. Supplemental rule # 24 from MX Sports address this issue: Aftermarket air filters may be used in the OEM unaltered air box."

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