K&N Engineering Releases Kart Airbox to House its Legendary High-Flow Air Filter

In the Kart world if your preference is 2 or 4-cycle engines or extreme Shifters, all classes have one thing in common; the vehicles are relatively straight forward.

K&N's Kart Airbox
K&N's RK-1000 Kart Airbox designed for K&N Filters

Air Filter for K&N Kart Airbox
Air Filter for K&N Kart Airbox
Many of the organizations that sanction Go Kart racing have gone to air boxes due to noise restrictions. K&N Engineering developed an air box for Karts that accepts one of two K&N washable/reusable High-Flow Air Filters.

Our K&N filter (RU-5006 or RU-5005) snaps into the RK-1000 Kart Airbox, next, the whole assembly is clamped on to the carburetor. The K&N Kart Airbox uses a 2 ½" (inside diameter) straight or 20 degree angled-flange High-Flow Air Filter for your 2 or 4 cycle kart. The RU-5006 features a 20 degree angled flange that is 1.5" in length and the RU-5005 offers a straight flange that is 1.5"in length.
Kart with K&N Airbox
Kart with K&N Airbox

In most cases, our K&N Kart Airboxes can be mounted onto the carburetor. Typically, 2-cycle engines have only one cylinder and range in size from 100cc to 125cc.

Some of the 2-cycle engines used in karting can reach around 19,000 RPMs and produce up to 40 HP. Some classes use larger engines, with up to a 250cc displacement.

"K&N Engineering has a history of providing higher air flow and performance gains with increased air flow, "said K&N Engineering Powersports Brand Manager John Jump. "K&N's Kart Airbox is pretty universal, built to the specifications of racing organizations except it holds a K&N Air Filter."

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