K&N Engineering GoodSport Racing Evolution Leads USTCC

Dave Brown took the seventh round of the United States Touring Car Championship (USTCC) race at Portland International Raceway on July 23rd. Brown, driving the K&N Engineering/GoodSport Racing/ Evolution started the race on the front row with Curt Simmons at the pole position.

“The first three laps were very exciting,” said David Bongiovanni of GoodSport Racing. “The 4-wheel-drive on the car allowed Dave to get the lead. Curt and Dale Sievwright traded second and third place for 30 laps. They were at our back door but never able to pass.”

K&N Engineering GoodSport Racing Evolution
K&N Engineering GoodSport Racing Evolution
Toward the last leg of the 30 minute race the tires started to go. “We had enough of a gap to win the race,” said Bongiovanni. “If it lasted just a little longer we would not have won.”

It was a great race weekend for GoodSport Racing partners Brown and Bongiovanni. “We left for Portland on Friday and made it just in time to get the car out of the trailer for the qualifying session on Saturday,” said Bongiovanni. “The car ran great. We experimented with the Robispec Suspension Stack and Works of San Francisco, California tuned the engine.”

Brown placed 2nd in the qualifying round and was happy to be on the front row. “This allows us to take advantage of the 4-wheel-drive,” said Bongiovanni. “We are very excited about our results in our first full season of racing. Currently we lead with 70 points and hope to win the USTCC Championship.”

Brown, winner of the 2005 U.S. Touring Car Driver’s Championship, and Bongiovanni, a championship winning team owner, partnered in January 2006 to form GoodSport Racing.

“Dave taught me how to race eight years ago and was my first driving instructor,” said Bongiovanni. “Dave was the only driver I trusted to conserve the hardware and get the win.”

Dave Brown in K&N Engineering GoodSport Racing Evolution
Dave Brown in K&N Engineering GoodSport Racing Evolution
The K&N Engineering Evolution is equipped with K&N Oil and Air Filters. “K&N improves the longevity and reliability of the engine,” said Bongiovanni. “We’ve been able to extract more horsepower out of the engine with K&N. The performance of the K&N Filter is spectacular.”

GoodSport Racing is constantly pushing the envelope. “It’s all about making the opportunities happen and never giving up,” Bongiovanni said. “An effort like this takes a lot of hard work and a lot of people. Our sponsors help make everything work.”

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