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K&N Engineering Chairman and CEO Discuss SEMA Past and Present

K&N Chairman Jerry Mall on SEMA:

“Technology is the biggest difference I’ve seen at SEMA over the years. The electronics and computers have changed products.
K&N Chairman Jerry Mall
Jerry Mall at SEMA

 K&N CEO Steve Rogers Steve Rogers at SEMA
In the early days, we’d come here in a van, set up the show and tear it down ourselves. Some of the people that used to do the same thing we did still come to the K&N Engineering booth and ask for me. We all struggled in the early days.

Now, K&N has a great crew of people who work very hard all the time. We still get the show on, but it’s huge now; going from one building to another is a trek.

Some things stay the same; K&N is based on honesty and integrity with products that deliver.”

K&N CEO Steve Rogers on SEMA:

“K&N started selling air filters in 1969 and they have become one of the most common performance upgrades for vehicles.

The air filter we invented appeared to be a simpler technology than it really was. There are elements to our filter technology that are extremely subtle but extremely important. At K&N we continue to learn new and creative ways to manipulate our core technologies to deliver even greater benefits. Simply put, even though on the surface it looks the same, the K&N Air Filter we sell today is a much better air filter than we sold 10 years ago.

Our purpose and goals at SEMA 2006 is to go back to basics and remind SEMA attendees that we as a company have a great deal to offer, i.e. the highest level of technical engineering and competency in the entire process of getting maximum air into an engine.

At K&N we continue to explore new filtration technologies and filtration mediums. We also have a research and development department that consists of 41 people. We intend to stay at the front of the pack and always be the world’s best air filter.

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