K&N Engineering Car and Driver Ready for X Games Rally

Dreams do come true when you have the hard work and skill to back it up. Former Mitsubishi USA driver Lauchlin O’Sullivan and co-driver Scott Putnam’s podium finish at Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally (STPR) earned O’ Sullivan a chance to compete at the first X Games Rally.

“I finished third overall against a host of top-tier competitors battling flat out for just two qualifying positions at the X Games,” said O’Sullivan. “Going into the X Games is incredible. It is a huge deal for me.”

The two fastest drivers in northern Pennsylvania who had not already been invited to compete earned an automatic invitation to the X Games at this rally. It was one of the strongest fields assembled in the history of STPR, something racers were willing to fight for. SRT USA drivers Travis Pastrana and Ken Block took 2nd overall, but were already invited to the X Games. Their finish at this event did not affect their X Games participation.

“The race was intense,” said O’Sullivan. “The car could be geared to go faster but in this race I’m looking for low end power and torque.” The race is a rally enthusiast’s dream come true. It consists of twists and turns, fast straights and deep water crossing. “It’s the extreme radical sport, it’s down and dirty,” said O’Sullivan. “There is a 40 to 50 percent attrition rate. We keep the car on the road most of the time and finished 25 of 28 events over the last 3 years.”

O’Sullivan said they had differential trouble during the STPR Pennsylvania Rally and had to change the transmission mid-event. “We would have taken 2nd but had to stop,” he said. “The gear box would not have lasted another stage in the 10 stage event.”

O’Sullivan is also a stunt car driver for television commercials and the movie industry. He kept his racing hat in the ring and always finished on the podium over the past six years. “I needed a car for the X Games,” he said. “With the help of K&N Engineering and borrowing money from family and friends I now have a car.”

Sullivan will be driving a K&N Subaru in the X Games. “I can’t wait to see the K&N car,” he said. “Even before we were sponsored by K&N I used K&N Filters. You can’t beat the performance and K&N Filters keep the dust and dirt out of the engine.”

The first part of the race will be in the Angeles National Forest. The second leg will be at the Home Depot Center near Los Angeles, California. O’Sullivan, is waiting for the big race. “Stunt driving is the best job in the world, but only when I’m not racing,” he said. “Racing is the best job in the world.”


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