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K&N Clamp-on Air Filters Add Performance to a Range of Powersports Applications

K&N universal pod filters on a Harley-Davidson flat track race motorcycle

K&N universal pod filters are a staple in the professional flat track paddock

Modified, performance, and competition motorcycles and ATVs require high airflow and effective filtration. Whether you ride a modified minibike, a mid-displacement motocrosser, or a full-on flat track racer, K&N clamp-on pod filters have you covered. In fact, anything that has an engine is a likely candidate for a K&N clamp-on filter. All of the K&N pod filters are designed to increase power and throttle response.

The filters are formed around K&N’s legendary cotton gauze filter media that is fully washable and can be re-oiled for years of dependable service. All of these filters come with K&N's one-year limited warranty.

Specialty Air Filters for Modified Motorcycles, ATVs, and More

Small and mid-displacement engines can benefit greatly from a free-breathing intake. K&N’s specialty air filters are the logical starting point for adding the performance that results from added airflow.

A K&N pod filter and surface sealer

K&N pod filters come ready to clamp on to your modified intake application

Engine and intake modifications are as wide-ranging as the owners that create them. K&N makes a full range of pod filters that fit most any application. Carburetor and intake sizes from 16mm to 28mm can be accommodated from the incrementally sized RC-2540, RC-0790, RU-0060, RC-2310, RC-1070, R-1080, and R-1100 filters.

In addition to the intake size options, the filters are also available in a range of angles and offsets for various applications. Conical, oval, and round shapes are available. These sizing, shape, and placement options make these filters extremely versatile. They can even be fitted to racing vehicles, radio-controlled cars, generators, snowmobiles, tractors, and many other applications.

To add another stage of filtration and extend the service intervals, K&N offers a range of pre-chargers for the filters. The RC-2540PK, RC-0790PK, 22-8008PK, 22-8028PK, 22-8029PK, or 22-8048PK can be added to the intake depending on the application.

K&N pre-chargers on a flat track racer

Racers know the benefits of K&N pre-chargers, like these at the AFT Arizona Mile

K&N also has a range of pancake filters that fit mid-sized motorcycles like the Kawasaki KLX110 and other applications with limited clearance. Various carburetor intake sizes can be fitted with filters like the RC-0170, RC-2870, and RC-0330. The RC-0170DK pre-charger can be added to several of the applications.

It should be noted that some of the filter applications could require re-jetting.

Larger Displacement and Competition Air Filters

It doesn’t take long when walking the paddock of any professional flat track race to identify the racers' filter of choice. K&N has a four-decade legacy in providing power and protection on the dirt oval. That same filter technology is perfect for a wide variety of powersports applications.

K&N filter dimensions schematic

K&N gives detailed specifications and dimensions for a perfect fit for your application

The K&N large-body filters are designed with abundant filter media to allow extra dirt holding capacity without restricting air flow. More filter surface area significantly increases airflow which adds the power and torque needed when powering out of a turn or accelerating in the straights.

The performance and protection benefits of the larger K&N pod filters are not limited to competition. Again, these filters are built in a wide variety of lengths and body shapes to fit a full spectrum of applications.

The oval model RU-1230, RU-1240, and RU-1260 filters come in lengths of 6”, 7”, and 9” respectively. These pods have a 10° angle on the 1” intake flange length. The 7" RU-1830 and the 9" RU-1840 "D" Oval models also have a 10° angle but employ a 2 1/8" intake flange length.

While these filters are a direct fit for many Mikuni carburetors, they are universal, and other applications will benefit from the added protection and airflow of the pods. K&N makes pre-chargers that can be added to all of these filter models. The RU-1230PK, RU-1240PK, and RU-1260PK have you covered – literally.

Again, these free-flowing universal pod air filters may require jetting changes in certain applications.

K&N pod filters are equally at home on vintage and modern motorcycles and ATVs. Whether you ride a modified minibike, middle-displacement motorcycle, ATV, or even an open-class flat tracker, K&N likely has the perfect filter for your bike. Don't forget to check your garage for other engines that will benefit from K&N clamp-on filters.


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