K&N Australian Dealer Search by Postal Code Now Available on KNFilters.com

Finding a K&N dealer in Australia is now easier than ever with K&N's dealer search by postal code.  K&N's new Australian Dealer Search provides a list of auto part stores and service centers that sell K&N air filters and if you would rather find someone to install K&N products, you can choose an installer from the list.  Once you enter Australia as the country, enter a postal code and select “Show Local Dealers” you will be presented with a list of dealers, addresses, phone numbers, map links and distances from the entered postal code in miles and kilometers.

Are you a K&N Dealer?
If you are a K&N Dealer or service center that offers K&N products in Australia and you are not in our local dealer system, please go to the KNFilters.com dealer area and complete the registration form.  If you install K&N air filters or air intake systems make sure you let us know so we can relay this to consumers that want K&N product performance but would rather have it installed at a shop.  Please contact K&N’s Customer Service Department if you have any questions. Get signed up so you can start supplying K&N air filter products to local consumers that are looking to purchase them.


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