K&N Apollo Universal Closed Air Intake System for 250 BHP & Turbo 350 BHP Engines

K&N Engineering manufactures a universal Apollo Closed Air Intake System (RC-5052AB) designed to eliminate hot air problems and provide the benefits of an open cone filter and standard air box in one unit. The Apollo's specially designed shape increases volumetric efficiency. To take advantage of the volumetric efficiency, a high flow air filter (RC-5052) is utilized to provide excellent filtration to protect your engine while allowing virtually unrestricted airflow. A silicone treated polyester filter wrap, or DryCharger, is another option K&N offers to help protect your filter against water droplets and to help filter the air even further, extending the service life of the RC-5052 air filter.
K&N's RC-5052AB Universal Closed Air Intake System
K&N's RC-5052AB Universal Closed Air Intake System

The K&N Apollo Closed Air Intake System comes with multiple vent adaptors to fit a universal range of vehicles. The vent adaptors easily attach to the bottom housing of the Apollo System. The cold air inlet hose delivers cold air directly to the Apollo for added performance.

The Apollo has a removable cold air feed attachment with an aluminum end cap. This allows cooler outside air to be fed into the unit. Bench air flow testing has been conducted in the UK and power gains have been consistent under most driving conditions. Rolling road tests also show positive power gains.

The K&N Universal Apollo Closed Air Intake System comes with a standard 70mm flange with a range of optional hose adaptors. The accessories (sold separately) include silicone adaptor hoses available in various sizes (60-70mm part number 85-6003, 70-70mm part number 85-6002 and 70-80mm part number 85-6001).

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