K&N Airbox for Karts Receives CIK-FIA Approval

K&N Engineering is proud to have completed International Commission of Karting -  Federal International Automobile (CIK-FIA) homologation of RK-1000, a K&N Airbox designed for Karts. The CIK-FIA evaluated our product through a series of tests and deemed it acceptable for racing.

Air Box Designed for Karts
Air Box Designed for Karts
The CIK-FIA official stamp and seal is on the air box molding. The K&N Airbox is now accepted world wide and officially approved by the CIK-FIA for competition.

"RK-1000 is made to withstand the rigors and harsh environments of track competition," said K&N Air Filter Product Manager, Joost Adriaans. "There is also a M6 nut molded in the top of the K&N Airbox for mounting purposes. This saves time in competition."

The K&N Airbox comes with two intake restrictors with a 23 mm inside diameter.  These restrictors are also sold separately. Restrictors are packaged as a pair and are also available in the 29 mm inside diameter size. Part 85-2000 has a 29 mm inside diameter and 85-2001 has a 23 mm inside diameter. "Intake restrictors are there for two purposes, to create smooth air flow into the K&N Airbox and to decrease sound to meet noise restriction requirements at many tracks," said Adriaans. "The class you are racing in determines the set of intake restrictors needed."

Two sizes of K&N Universal Air Filters (RU-5005) and (RU-5006) are also available. "Our K&N Filters lock into the K&N Airbox for high air flow and to reduce any turbulence," said Adriaans. "The whole assembly is designed to clamp on to the carburetor."

K&N has also signed on as a contingency sponsor of the Snap-on Stars of Karting presented by the IRL. This program provides a chance for racers to go from Karts to race cars by developing driver skills at the grassroots level.

"It took a lot of hard work to get this product sanctioned by the CIK-FIA," said Adriaans. "K&N wanted this because we wanted racers in the Stars of Karting and all over the world to be able to use this product in official competitions."

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