K&N Air Filter Adds Innovation and Performance to 2008-2016 Volvo S80, V70 and XC70 Models

When potential customers consider purchasing a new Volvo, safety, innovation and performance are often top priorities. K&N shares the same attitude toward developing high-flow, washable and reusable air filters. Now, almost as if they were destined for one another, Volvo’s 2008 - 2016 S80, V70 and XC70 3.0/3.2L models can continue along the path of innovation with K&N’s High-Flow Air Filter part number 33-2418.

K&N's 33-2418 lifetime replacement air filter for the 2008 - 2016 Volvo V70, Volvo S80 and Volvo XC70
K&N's 33-2418 lifetime replacement air filter for the 2008 - 2016 Volvo V70, Volvo S80 and Volvo XC70
With nearly 40 years of air filtration experience, K&N prides itself as being the inventor of the unique cotton air filtration system and creating the World’s Best High-Flow Air Filter.

K&N designs air filters that allow high airflow while providing outstanding engine protection. Easily cleaned and returned to service, K&N Air Filters reduce waste and will last the life of your vehicle.

The 33-2418 is made to fit directly into your factory air box, and no cutting or fitting is required. The simple drop in design makes it an easy performance add-on for your Volvo. K&N stock replacement air filters for street vehicles are covered by our famous K&N Million-Mile Limited Warranty® and will be the last air filter your vehicle will ever need.

33-2418 fits the following vehicles:

2016 VOLVO XC60 3.0L
2016 VOLVO V60 3.0L
2016 VOLVO S60 3.0L
2015 VOLVO XC70 3.2L
2015 VOLVO XC70 3.0L
2015 VOLVO XC60 3.2L
2015 VOLVO XC60 3.0L
2015 VOLVO V60 3.0L
2015 VOLVO S80 3.0L
2015 VOLVO S60 3.0L
2014 VOLVO XC70 II 3.0L
2014 VOLVO XC70 3.2L
2014 VOLVO XC70 3.0L
2014 VOLVO XC60 3.2L
2014 VOLVO XC60 3.0L
2014 VOLVO V70 III 3.0L
2014 VOLVO V60 3.0L
2014 VOLVO S80 II 3.0L
2014 VOLVO S80 3.2L
2014 VOLVO S80 3.0L
2014 VOLVO S60 II 3.0L
2014 VOLVO S60 3.0L
2013 VOLVO XC70 II 3.0L
2013 VOLVO XC70 3.2L
2013 VOLVO XC70 3.0L
2013 VOLVO XC60 3.2L
2013 VOLVO XC60 3.0L
2013 VOLVO V70 III 3.0L
2013 VOLVO V60 3.0L
2013 VOLVO S80 II 3.0L
2013 VOLVO S80 3.2L
2013 VOLVO S80 3.0L
2013 VOLVO S60 II 3.0L
2013 VOLVO S60 3.0L
2012 VOLVO XC70 II 3.0L
2012 VOLVO XC70 3.2L
2012 VOLVO XC70 3.0L
2012 VOLVO XC60 3.2L
2012 VOLVO XC60 3.0L
2012 VOLVO V70 III 3.2L
2012 VOLVO V70 III 3.0L
2012 VOLVO V60 3.0L
2012 VOLVO S80 II 3.2L
2012 VOLVO S80 II 3.0L
2012 VOLVO S80 3.2L
2012 VOLVO S80 3.0L
2012 VOLVO S60 II 3.0L
2012 VOLVO S60 3.0L
2011 VOLVO XC70 II 3.0L
2011 VOLVO XC70 3.2L
2011 VOLVO XC70 3.0L
2011 VOLVO XC60 3.2L
2011 VOLVO XC60 3.0L
2011 VOLVO V70 III 3.2L
2011 VOLVO V70 III 3.0L
2011 VOLVO V60 3.0L V6 F/I - All
2011 VOLVO S80 II 3.2L
2011 VOLVO S80 II 3.0L
2011 VOLVO S80 3.2L
2011 VOLVO S80 3.0L
2011 VOLVO S60 II 3.0L
2011 VOLVO S60 3.0L
2010 VOLVO XC70 II 3.0L
2010 VOLVO XC70 3.2L
2010 VOLVO XC70 3.0L
2010 VOLVO XC60 3.2L
2010 VOLVO XC60 3.0L
2010 VOLVO V70 III 3.2L
2010 VOLVO V70 III 3.0L
2010 VOLVO V70 3.2L
2010 VOLVO V60 3.0L V6 F/I - All
2010 VOLVO S80 II 3.2L
2010 VOLVO S80 II 3.0L
2010 VOLVO S80 3.2L
2010 VOLVO S80 3.0L
2010 VOLVO S60 II 3.0L
2010 VOLVO S60 3.0L
2009 VOLVO XC70 II 3.2L
2009 VOLVO XC70 II 3.0L
2009 VOLVO XC70 3.2L
2009 VOLVO XC70 3.0L
2009 VOLVO XC60 3.0L
2009 VOLVO V70 III 3.2L
2009 VOLVO V70 III 3.0L
2009 VOLVO V70 3.2L
2009 VOLVO S80 II 3.2L
2009 VOLVO S80 II 3.0L
2009 VOLVO S80 3.2L
2009 VOLVO S80 3.0L
2008 VOLVO XC70 II 3.2L
2008 VOLVO XC70 II 3.0L
2008 VOLVO XC70 3.2L
2008 VOLVO XC60 3.0L
2008 VOLVO V70 III 3.2L
2008 VOLVO V70 III 3.0L
2008 VOLVO V70 3.2L
2008 VOLVO S80 II 3.2L
2008 VOLVO S80 II 3.0L
2008 VOLVO S80 3.2L
2008 VOLVO S80 3.0L
2007 VOLVO XC70 II 3.2L
2007 VOLVO V70 III 3.2L
2007 VOLVO V70 III 3.0L
2007 VOLVO S80 II 3.2L
2007 VOLVO S80 II 3.0L
2006 VOLVO S80 II 3.2L

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