Innovative K&N Air Filter for Yamaha WR250F & WR450F Dirt Bikes Now Available

K&N Engineering released a new MX XStream, Replacement High-Flow Air Filter for the 2003-2015 Yamaha WR250F and WR450F (YA-4503). This new filter is great for enthusiasts and off-road riders and racers alike. The innovative and unique filter design makes installation, changing and cleaning a breeze.

2003 to 2015 Yamaha WR250F and WR450F Replacement High-Flow Air Filter
K&N's MX XStream Replacement High-Flow Air Filter for the 2003 to 2013 Yamaha WR250F and WR450F
K&N invented the pleated cotton filter more than 35 years ago for the power sports market. Designed to increase airflow, K&N filters offer more surface area (than foam filters), increased filtration and optimum air flow.

Installation of the K&N XStream Filter is easy. With the top removed, you can easily press the sides together to slide it in between your frame rails and install it into the air-box without the oily mess associated with many other air filters.

"This filter comes with a gasket, which makes it unnecessary to run grease at the base of the filter," said K&N Powersports Brand Manager, John Jump. "It's a nice benefit and makes for a very clean filtration system. On this particular filter, you mount the gasket directly to the airbox."

Kyle Krause, who currently races Expert in the Best in the Desert and WORCS Series, has been racing for 19 years now. "I ran the new MX XStream on a 450," said Kyle. "I noticed more power right away and the filter is very easy to install and clean.

Cleaning is a simple process and K&N offers a filter care service kit (sold separately) with everything needed to clean and re-oil your filter numerous times. K&N's larger filtration area offers riders longer service intervals meaning more riding and less cleaning.

Find K&N products for your motorcycle, off-road dirtbike, ATV, or vehicle using the K&N application search.  Use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your area.

Current list of applications for YA-4503 Performance XStream Air Filter are:

2015 Yamaha WR450F 450
2014 Yamaha WR450F 450
2013 Yamaha WR450F 450
2013 Yamaha WR250F 250
2012 Yamaha WR450F 450
2012 Yamaha WR250F 250
2011 Yamaha WR450F 450
2011 Yamaha WR250F 250
2009 Yamaha WR450F 450
2009 Yamaha WR250F 250
2008 Yamaha WR450F 450
2008 Yamaha WR250F 250
2007 Yamaha WR450F 450
2007 Yamaha WR250F 250
2006 Yamaha WR450F 450
2006 Yamaha WR250F 250
2005 Yamaha WR450F 450
2005 Yamaha WR250F 250
2004 Yamaha WR450F 450
2004 Yamaha WR250F 250
2003 Yamaha WR450F 450
2003 Yamaha WR250F 250


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