In a 20 Year Span, Casey Currie Moves from 4 Year Old Racer to Team Owner

Casey Currie spent time working with Kyle Leduc and as a driver for Art Schmitt
Casey Currie spent time working with Kyle Leduc and as a driver for Art Schmitt
At age four, Casey Currie began racing motorcycles, and continued to do so on and off for several years, though not professionally. By the time he turned 16, his mom understood that racing was in his blood, but sure wanted him in something a little safer…maybe something with more than two wheels. As luck would have it, Casey's Dad Ray, owner of Currie Enterprises, came to the rescue.
Casey Currie has used K&N filters for as long as he can remember
Casey Currie has used K&N filters for as long as he can remember

Currie Enterprises, well known in the off road world, specializes in building rear ends and suspension kits for jeeps and hot rods. In fact, they design, build, modify, test, sell, and install rear end and drive-train products, all under one roof in their 27,000 square-foot complex in Anaheim, California. With humble beginnings in 1959 fabricating and assembling rear ends for personnel carriers, electric carts, tugs, scissor lifts and other specialty vehicles, Currie Enterprises expanded in 1970 into the development of superior aftermarket rear ends for Jeeps. It was not much of a stretch for Dad to build Casey his own race vehicle, which he raced for four years in the stock Jeep Speed class (which of course made Mom breathe a little easier). He then began to feel a familiar pull back into racing motorcycles, and together with cousin Brandon Currie began racing in the Super moto class (which of course had Mom all nervous again, but hey, he was over 20 by then). The decision however was a good one for Casey and Brandon, as they learned a lot about competition and were able to win the # 1 plate after getting 1st place in the AMA Supermoto Lites Team Championship. They then went on to be ranked 5th in the nation in Supermoto on their lime green Kawasaki KXF's.

After a time, Casey felt a calling by the great outdoor spaces, and became involved in the courses of Championship Off Road Racing (CORR). He spent time working with Kyle Leduc & the Leduc team, and as a driver for Art Schmitt, he ran in CORR's Pro Lite division behind the wheel of a Nissan Frontier, with a number of podiums during the 2007 CORR Pro Lite series.

Having learned a great deal about the sport by then and also having a strong entrepreneurial spirit in his blood, Casey formed Casey Currie Motorsports in 2007. His company not only builds race trucks, they do everything associated with the sport in-house. Today, Casey and his team race in The Off Road Championship (TORC) series, sponsored By TRAXXAS, which was formalized in 2008 to unify formerly fragmented short-course drivers and organizations into a cohesive nationwide series. TORC events are packed with flag-to-flag fender banging as drivers push the limits over whoop and jump filled natural terrain racetracks.

"This year, we were able to win two rounds under the lights, one at the Texas Motor Speedway in round one, and the other the last round at Las Vegas Motor Speedway," says Casey. "And with the younger, edgier fan base that TORC attracts, there's nothing like coming under the flag a winner to the screams of this kind of crowd."

Casey has used K&N filters for as long as he can remember. "They make the best filters for my trucks and motorcycles when I train" says Casey, "So when I met one of their representatives at a show, serious discussions ensued, and it only fit like a piece of a puzzle when we formalized a partnership. I know for a fact that when I run a K&N air filter, it increases airflow and collects more dirt than any other brand. And the oil filters flow more oil and collect more metal than any other filter."

With this kind of race history behind him, and at only age 26, there's no telling what else Casey has in store for him, but you can bet it'll be fun, and that K&N will be right there with him!

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