Hank Scott's Real Race Cars Come K&N Equipped and Ready to Race

The STAR Late Model Series is designed as a cost-effective, entry-level racer
The STAR Late Model Series is designed as a cost-effective, entry-level racer
Have you had a hankering to start racing but can't find an affordable racecar dealership? We can hook you up with exactly the right guy. Hank Scott from Concord, North Carolina owns Real Race Cars, a company that successfully quells the spousal inquisition, "You wanna buy a what?" Interestingly enough, Scott is also irrevocably linked to the founders of K&N.
The three-quarter-scale cars are capable of running with the big-boys in some scenarios
The three-quarter-scale cars are capable of running with the big-boys in some scenarios

The STAR Late Model Series is designed as a cost-effective way for entry-level racers to run on both dirt and asphalt. STAR is an acronym for, Scale Two Application Racecar, although the platform is based on a dirt late model, with few minor changes it will run on asphalt as well.

This particular series is designed to transition the "up and comer" into a full size Late Model, and give racers a venue to compete competitively on a weekly basis while still on a budget. With similar four-bar suspension geometry to its big brother, the three-quarter-scale dirt late model is powered by a 1250cc Yamaha motorcycle engine, which produces 150hp. This is the same power plant used in similar scale car applications, and they are also readily available brand new, or used from RRC.

Cars can be purchased as kits, rollers, or in turn key form. A turnkey car from Real Race Cars (RRC) can be custom built with optional equipment installed. Base cars start at $19,500.00 race ready, and a loaded car fitted with a full gauge cluster, three-stage oil system, coolers, fans, and a Butler seat is $22,500.00. Frames are powder coated black, and bodies come in black or white.
Yamaha motorcycle engine equipped with K&N filter produces 150hp
Yamaha motorcycle engine equipped with K&N filter produces 150hp

"The STAR series is great for all regions of the country, and its application can be conducive to the tracks in your area," explains Scott. "On tracks of 4/10ths and smaller the STAR car will rival the times of any full-size car, and in some cases it will run faster."

"Short Tracks around the country are looking for something new and different to add to their weekly programs. The STAR series offers both a dirt late model that runs on asphalt, and on dirt, that will rival lap times of cars three-times the cost. We anticipate not only regional divisions across the country, but local tracks, that will have there own weekly division with track champions," says Scott.

Scott and RRC have committed this year to traveling to various racetracks with their two house cars and running demo races. "Many local tracks in the North and South Carolina area are interested in starting divisions, or running select shows for the end of 2010, and full seasons in 2011," adds Scott.

As for Scott's long running relationship with K&N he says it reaches all the way back to 1967, when he first raced with Norm and Kenny's (K&N founders) kids on his Honda 50. In 1973 Scott became the number one Junior in the nation. He followed that up in 1974 by becoming Rookie of the Year, finishing eighth in the points and winning his first of 17 Nationals at the Syracuse Mile.

"My brother Gary raced for K&N back in 70's, at Ascot, on a Yamaha Twin," says Scott. Scott actually began his involvement with racing more than 40 years ago. Hailing from California, Scott began traveling with his older brother, Gary, as he raced flat-tracks all across the country. That year, Gary finished 2nd in the nation.

"My relationship continued throughout those years, more with Kenny than anyone else. I even had my own handle bar bent for me and sold as the K&N number 24 handlebar," reflects Scott.

"I can tell you with certainty, that everyone of my National wins came with me using K&N air cleaners, and of course the handlebars. Even though K&N has changed hands, I still carry on my relationship with the company, because it has always been so committed to the racer, by first manufacturing a superior product, and all the while maintaining it's commitment to the racer in support. K&N has Bob Harris to oversee the operations of racer support and I want to thank him."

As far as where Real Race Cars is headed down the road Scott says, "We will continue to build engines for the sport of Legend Cars, we have already built over 7000, as well as a host of performance items for serious Legend racers."

"The Star Late Model is our latest project, and we are committed to it, because we believe it's a great product that will be instrumental in producing the next generation of great racers to a sport in which has seen my involvement for 40 plus years. Thanks K&N for all the great years and a product unmatched in the racing industry."

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