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K&N Air Intake Adds Estimated 15 Horsepower to 2017 6.2L Duramax

The Air Intake Kit features a mandrel-bent aluminum tube with all needed fittings

A massive 7.5-inch tapered K&N filter tops the Air Intake Kit for select 2017 6.2 L Duramax

The latest version of the 6.6 L Duramax Diesel LP5 engine powers the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500 and the 2017 GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500. New for the 2017 model year, it is the most powerful diesel engine ever produced by GM. The output is 445 horsepower @ 2,800 rpm and massive torque of 910 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm.

But despite this increase in power, there’s still room for improvement. Take the K&N 77-3101KP high-flow performance air intake system. It’s been designed to improve airflow into the engine, which will add an additional estimated 15.22 horsepower and 32.99 lb-ft of torque at the drive wheels.

The LP5 Duramax is a significant upgrade from the previous version. Still a 90-degree V8, the cast-iron engine block features induction-hardened cylinder walls for durability. A forged steel crankshaft rides in five cross-bolted main bearing caps, with powdered metal alloy connecting rods with larger journals. The high-pressure, common-rail direct-injection system has an increased capacity, while the electronically-controlled, variable-geometry turbocharger operates at a higher boost pressure.

One drawback of turbocharged engines is that the process of compressing the intake air heats it up considerably, as a function of how much the turbocharger pressurizes the incoming air. Internal combustion engines work best with cool intake air, so an intercooler is typically installed between the turbocharger and the intake ports. A K&N Performance Intake System features a heat shield that helps protect the cool incoming air from being affected by high underhood temperatures. This assists your engine’s intercooler, as it delivers cooler air to the turbocharger, the output of which is lower in temperature, supplementing the drop in intake temperature the intercooler is designed to deliver.

The K&N Air Intake Kit is a simple installation with no drilling and can be completed in 90 minu

The K&N Air Intake replaces the stock air box and includes a heat shield to keep intake temps down

Fresh air first enters a 7.5-inch tall RC-5179 K&N high-flow air filter positioned within the heat shield that installs into the space of the factory air box. Oiled cotton has been selected as the filter media as it offers less resistance than traditional filters. While most K&N air filters are made from 4 layers of oiled cotton gauze, this intake features 6 layers of an extra-fine weave cotton to add even more protection for the high demands of diesel engines. Each filter design is verified through K&N’s in-house ISO 5011 compliant filtration testing lab, which ensures that your K&N filter provides high airflow without sacrificing engine protection.

The free-flowing K&N air intake tube significantly reduces restriction to incoming airflow over the stock tract, as well as calms power-robbing turbulence. Air passes through an aerodynamically-verified polished aluminum intake tube directly into the engine’s throttle body. The intake tube accommodates the factory mass air sensor, fuel pressure hose, and crankcase vent hose.

Once you’ve installed your K&N cold air intake system, you’ve eliminated the need to buy another air filter for the life of your 2017 Chevy or GMC LP5 Duramax Diesel. The only maintenance is a simple service you can do yourself.

At intervals of up to 100,000 miles, depending on your driving conditions, use a K&N 99-5050 Air Filter Cleaning Kit to clean and re-oil your air filter. Not accounting for the time for the filter to dry completely before installation, the entire process should take less than 30 minutes.

The K&N filter is covered by the company's Million Mile Warranty

Everything required to install the kit is included in the box, including illustrated instructions

The process cleans the filter bringing it back to a premium level of performance and ready for another 100,000 miles of driving. Your one K&N air filter is designed to last for the lifetime of your vehicle, which K&N guarantees will perform for up to 10 years or 1,000,000 miles without requiring replacement. For full details visit the K&N 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty.

You can order the filter simply by clicking on the part number 33-3064 as well as order the Air Filter Cleaning Kit 99-5050.

To find additional K&N upgrades for cars, trucks, scooters, ATVs, motorcycles, watercraft, motorhomes, or almost anything with an engine, use the K&N Search by Vehicle tool.

K&N Engineering in Riverside California is the world's leading manufacturer of washable performance air filters and air intake systems. K&N invented the reusable high flow cotton air filter in 1969 and has been perfecting the technology ever since. K&N is a world class filtration company selling air filters, oil filters, and intakes in over 90 countries.

K&N sells over 5,000 products designed for cars, trucks, motorcycles, stationary engines, and industrial applications. From their 10-Year/Million Mile Warranty to their Consumer Protection Pledge, K&N stands behind their products and their consumers 100%.

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