Ford Focus Midget Series Racer Gets Promotion

Promotions in the world of racing come with recognition and responsibility. Last year Laura Poorter drove for K&N Engineering’s Driver Development Campaign in the Ford Focus Midget Series.
Laura Poorter
Laura Poorter

“At K&N we were trying to determine the best path for Laura’s growth,” said K&N Engineering’s Sports Marketing Director Charles Maier. “We wanted to bring her up into midgets to continue her progress. Laura has the lap record in the Ford Focus class at Havasu and has the ability to drive fast. She shows promise.”

Laura Poorter and Charles Maier
Laura Poorter and Charles Maier
The 17-year-old Holland native is delighted with her new spot on the racing circuit.

There are a lot of emotional and physical layers to have what it takes to become a professional racer. “The commitment on all these different levels and the willingness to do what it takes to get there is important,” said Maier. “Laura is learning first hand to accept imperfect situations and to push through. We hope to continue moving Laura up through the racing ranks.”

During the Turkey Night Grand Prix at Irwindale Speedway Poorter started dead last, but managed to pass more cars than anyone else. “Her aggressiveness, along with learning how to overtake other drivers is something she is addressing,” said Maier. “Laura is very smooth.”

As she moves up to the No. 60 car, Poorter will compete on bigger tracks. So far, she’s raced on 1/3 mile. In 2007, Poorter will be on a half-mile to one- mile tracks. Her speeds will also increase to 160 mph.

She returns to the United States in February and will hit the race track in her No.60 car right away.

Also check out the Ford Focus Midget Racer Laura Poorter video.

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