First and Second Place at Same Event for K&N Sponsored Sportsman Class Racers

Former IHRA national champion Slate Cummings took his new Moser Engineering SS/BS Cavalier to the IHRA Division 4 Summit Pro-Am at San Antonio Raceway. The following week, he ran his new car at IHRA’s Amalie Oil Texas Nationals against another K&N Engineering pro, Dan Fletcher.

Slate Cummings new Eastex Cavalier equipped with K&N
Slate Cummings new Eastex Cavalier equipped with K&N
Cummings started the weekend by qualifying on the pole despite bad weather. He took his car to the final round berth before falling to champion Dan Fletcher in Super Stock. Both men shared the podium at the end.

Both Sportsman class racers are sponsored by K&N Engineering and use K&N Products. “Our K&N Oil and Air Filters are very dependable,” said Cummings. “K&N keeps the debris out of our engines.”

Super Stock winner Fletcher also uses K&N Oil Filters. “The nut on the bottom of K&N Oil Filters is an ingenious invention,” he said. “They are very easy to change. Thanks to K&N Oil Filters my engines have outlasted and outperformed and stayed clean.”

Despite coming in second Cummings said he could not be happier with his new car. “I feel like we’ve always had nice stuff,” said Cummings. “But this is by far the nicest race car I’ve ever driven.”

In addition to his success in Super Stock, the entire Moser Engineering team was in competition at Texas. Slate Cumming’s brother Britt drove to a third round finish in both Stock and Quick Rod while family patriarch Larry also competed in both Stock and Super Stock

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