Factory Aprilia Closes in on AMA Supermoto Championship Despite Injury

Situations change in racing with one dramatic event. The 8th round of the Supermoto Championship at Galveston, Texas had one defining moment for factory Aprilia Rip It Energy Fuel race team.

Aprilia Factory Racing uses K&N Engineering Products
Aprilia Factory Racing uses K&N Engineering Products
All eyes were on Darryl Atkins when he lost traction in the dirt before a double jump. He was catapulted over the bars, breaking his left wrist in multiple places and suffered a concussion.
Ben Carlson going for 2nd AMA Supermoto ChampionshipBen Carlson going for 2nd AMA Supermoto Championship

The accident affected the confidence of the team and Ben Carlson rode to a conservative 6th place in the Unlimited Class. “After seeing what happened to Darryl, I did not want to take any risks to jeopardize the championship,” said Carlson. “I know I had the speed to win, but the championship is the most important thing to me and the team.”

Carlson also took a 6th place finish on the 450 V Twin with lap times equivalent to the podium finishers. Atkins flew home for surgery for his broken bones. He wants the chance to compete this coming weekend at Palm Springs.

Carlson hopes to take his 2nd AMA Supermoto Championship title this weekend. Aprilia Factory uses K&N Engineering products. "We use K&N Air and Oil Filters,” said Atkins. “Our bikes run better and we gain horsepower on the track.”

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