Elvis Impersonator Stands by K&N for Two Decades

Elvis, aka Joey Franklin took the victory in the inaugural race at the Death Valley Raceway in Amargosa, Nevada.

Joey Franklin uses K&N productsJoel Franklin uses K&N products
Franklin, a full time Elvis impersonator and sprint car driver, won the race despite a late arrival and starting position at the back of the pack. “I drove a good race,” Franklin said. “I was able to take the lead in the last four laps and maintained my position for the win.”
Race winner, Elvis impersonator Joey Franklin, next to his sprint car Race winner, Elvis impersonator Joey Franklin, next to his sprint car

Track conditions were dry on the dirt oval for the race and Franklin proved to be a fan favorite. Franklin said he has always been able to use his status as an Elvis impersonator to his advantage at racing events. “Track announcers always seem to have fun with it. They always make comments like ‘Elvis has entered the building.’”

Sponsors take notice of Franklin’s talents as well, and are glad to get the extra attention win or lose. “Right now I have someone at Impact Racing working on an Elvis suit to wear when I’m racing. So I’m excited about that.”

Franklin uses K&N’s composite airbox air filter (100-8567) and K&N's oil filter (HP-3002) in addition to K&N’s breather filter (62-1440) on his winged 410 sprint car. “K&N always has a quality product,” he said. “I’ve been using K&N products since 1987 when I was racing go-karts.”

Franklin’s next race will be the Las Vegas USAC held February 28th and 29th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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