Del Worsham Defeats Ashley Force in Round Two of NHRA Mac Tools U.S. Nationals

Del Worsham found his stride just days too late in the 2007 Countdown to the Championship at the NHRA Mac Tools U.S. Nationals. Worsham, deep in the standings for much of the season, came on strong down the stretch but ended up 38 points out of the playoffs.
Del Worsham Defeated Gary Scelzi in Round One Del Worsham Defeated Gary Scelzi in Round One
Team CSK uses K&N Engineering Products
Team CSK uses K&N Engineering Products

The driver of the red Checker, Schuck’s Kragen Funny Car with K&N Products picked up points at O’Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis, Indiana, but they were one race too late. Worsham defeated Gary Scelzi in round one, defeated Ashley Force in round two and lost to Mike Ashley in the semi-final at Indy.
Del Worsham in CSK Funny Car
Del Worsham in CSK Funny Car
Del Worsham's CSK Crew
Del Worsham's CSK Crew

No matter how well Worsham drives, he is now relegated to no better than 9th place. The good news is, Worsham knows he has a race car capable of winning and he plans to do that before the 2007 campaign wraps up at Pomona.

At Indy, all went well for Worsham during three days of qualifying and one long hot day of racing. On Friday night he grabbed a top-half spot and ran the second-quickest lap in the final session in the heat on Sunday afternoon. In the end, the lane choice issue caught up to Worsham, and there was little he could do to avoid defeat in the semi-finals.

“When it gets as hot as it was today, you start to worry about lane choice really being a big issue, and it finally got to that point after the first round,” said Worsham. “We lost in the semi-finals, but the truth is we were toast after the first round, although it was through no fault of our own. We ran great in the first round, one of our best laps of the year, but Ashley Force was our second-round opponent and she laid down an incredible number in her first-round race. That put us over in the right lane, and even though we were able to pedal through the second round, we were stuck back over there again to the semi.”

Worsham entered the first round race in the No. 7 spot. He grabbed a slight edge at the tree, picking up 4-thousandths in reaction time. “At the strip Scelzi’s 4.972 was brilliant and was the fourth-quickest lap in round one,” said Bob Wilber of Team CSK. “Del’s 4.841 was better, and the win light was on in the CSK lane. Del’s first round E.T. was third-quickest in the class, but Ashley Force was able to take out Tim Wilkerson with a jaw dropping 4.784. This put Del over in the rapidly deteriorating right lane.”

“It was fairly even in round one, but the right lane had gone away by the second round,” said Worsham. “We tried to back it down, just to make sure we could go A to B against her, but the car just rolled right into tire smoke. As soon as I pedaled my car, I saw her disappear behind me, so I figured they had traction problems too. At that point, I just focused on getting the car to the finish line. The car actually hooked up really well after I pedaled it, and it tore down there like it was on rails. It was a tough way to win a round, but it was important to us and we were thrilled to get to the semi’s.”

Worsham again was in the right lane when he faced Mike Ashley, and in a puff of tire smoke, his day was over. “There wasn’t much we could do about it, but we ended up in that right lane position back in round one,” said Worsham. “As great as we ran, we still lost lane choice, and it took that issue another round to kill us off.”

Next up for Worsham will be Memphis, Tennessee where he said he will do everything he can to keep winning rounds.

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