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Custom Triumph Built by David Bird Takes Modified Retro Class in J&P Builder Show

David Bird's Triumph side view at the Long Beach, California IMS

You'd be hard-pressed to find a flaw on David Bird's Triumph

K&N sponsors three of the coolest classes of the J&P Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show at each stop of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS). The J&P competition brings out some of the most innovative custom builds in the motorcycle industry.

This year’s winner of the Modified Retro Class at the Long Beach, California staging of the IMS was a gleaming 1976 Triumph T140 built for Tom Day by David Bird. You would be hard-pressed to find a more creative and sanitary Triumph build anywhere.

Frame and Wheels:

The hand-built hardtail frame sits low, long, and minimalist. Up front, the clean springer front forks bolt to a tall, sparsely-laced spoked rim.

David Bird's Triumph engine view at the Long Beach, California IMS

The classic Triumph twin engine is featured in a clean frame and retro-cool paint job

Out back, the beefy rear wheel is spooned to a wide, spoked rim that is beautifully exposed. The frame and wheels are all subtly coated in black.

Bodywork and Controls:

The bodywork follows the lines of the frame perfectly. The Cole Foster tank and the custom-bent rear fender are both coated in a scintillating Joel Meyer paint job that features a one-of-a-kind lace, leaf, and flower motif.

The custom crafted leather seat sits above in a cool, chrome framework. The flat drag handlebars make for a stretched out, bobber seating position.

Engine and Drivetrain:

The classic lines of the 750cc Triumph twin engine are on full display in the minimalist frame. The perfectly polished power plant breathes through twin, screened velocity stacks and exhaust duties are handled by symmetrically bent twin straight pipes.

David Bird's Triumph side view at the Long Beach, California IMS

'Less is more' in the skeletal frame and simple bodywork of the Mod Retro winner

A hand-made oil bag sits behind the engine and is accented with the same paint theme as the bodywork.

Take a minute to study the photos that accompany this article and you will grow to appreciate how well the theme and lines of this Triumph work. Every detail was carefully thought out and crafted.

K&N is proud to sponsor a competition that highlights builds like this fantastic custom.


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