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Custom 1967 Chevy Camaro Top Level Pro Street Touring Build

1967 Camaro in the California High Desert

Doug’s 1967 Camaro when it was rescued from the California High Desert

Widened wheel tubs for 1967 Camaro

Beautifully hand-formed widened wheel tubs for 1967 Camaro.

It had been sitting in the high desert of California for who knows how long. The front clip and subframe had been long ago stripped off the car. Oddly it had the words "Doug’s Car" spray-painted on the driver’s door. But both the owner (not Doug) and the potential buyer who came to see it knew it wasn’t a candidate for the scrap pile. After all, it was a completely solid, rust-free 1967 Camaro tub. Rodger Lee of Ironworks Speed and Kustom in Bakersfield, California, towed it home, thinking that he’d do a quick rebuild and make a few bucks.

LT4 V8 with intake pipe and K&N air filer

LT4 V8 with intake pipe leading to a K&N RC 4680 air filer

1967 Camaro SpeedTech front subframe with front suspension

The SpeedTech front subframe with front suspension, sprung with RideTech coilovers with Ron Sutton “Secret Sauce High Grip” valving

"Doug’s Car" sat in the shop for about 18 months when one of his best customers, Greg Heinrich of Fairyway Chevrolet, heard about the car. He challenged Rodger to turn "Doug’s Car" into a something amazing. And that’s how this once almost discarded shell went from bare metal, to a down-and-dirty street car project, and finally to one of the finest Pro Touring cars under construction.

Rodger named the car the Fairway 1967 Camaro, after Heinrich’s dealership, as he had with his previous project for this customer, the Fairway 55. He said he likes the idea of naming it after the customer’s Chevrolet dealership, rather than some bird of prey or made up name, as to him it evokes the likes of Yenko Chevrolet, a Pennsylvania car dealership that modified already hot Chevys in the ‘60s and added its name to the car.

Wilwood calipers finished in Porsche 919 green

Wilwood calipers finished in Porsche 919 green

Heat shield being fabricated

Heat shield being fabricated to keep cold air flowing to the K&N RC-4680 filter

Powering the Fairway is an LT4 crate motor identical to that installed in the 2015 Corvette Z06. This engine is normally installed in the most powerful production car Chevrolet has ever made-the LT4 supercharged 6.2L V8 small-block. The LT4 utilizes technologies first seen in the 2014 Corvette’s LT1 Gen-V small block, including direct injection and continuously variable valve timing, while leaping over the supercharger technology on the previous-generation Corvette ZR1’s LS9 engine. The engine is capable of producing at least 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, breathing through a K&N RC-4680 tapered air filter. Rodger believes this is the first installation of an LT4 in a Generation One Camaro.

Some of the undercar details of the yet unfinished Fairway Camaro are a SpeedTech front subframe and front and rear suspension, RideTech coilovers with Ron Sutton "Secret Sauce High Grip" valving, Wilwood disc brakes with calipers color-matched to the calipers of a Porsche 919, Forgeline 19×11" and 19×12.5" monoblock wheels, one-of-a kind aluminum rear spoiler, a custom front valance that’s been dropped 1.5" and a unique front spoiler.

Exhaust outlets being fabricated

Exhaust outlets being fabricated into the rear quarter panels

Fabricated aluminum rear spoiler

Absolutely unique rear spoiler cost $5000 to fabricate in aluminum

Power is managed by a T56 Magnum Transmission, originally designed for the Dodge Viper. Headers are 100% in-house constructions while the rest of the exhaust is custom-built around Magnaflow components and spent gases exit the car through unique outlets fitted to the rear quarter panels. Inside the car is a special Dakota Digital dash and a four-point roll cage to keep everyone safe. On the exterior, Rodger gave the world a glimpse of the car in bare metal and pretty much wowed anyone who say the images. It’s now begun the transition to Corvette Arctic White, which will come in stages over the next few months.

Look for the final version of The Fairway 1967 Camaro aka "Doug’s Car" to break cover sometime in January.


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