Computer Case Manufacturer uses K&N Air Filters to Reduce Service Calls

K&N filters work extremely well in vehicles, but one southern California man discovered K&N’s proven technology also works extremely well in the computer industry.

Computer case with K&N Air Filter & PC Fan for a Clean Cool Environment
Clean-Aire Computer Case with K&N Air Filter Keeps PC Components Clean in Dusty, Dirty Environments
Commerce Technologies LLC of Santa Ana, California is in the computer business. For years, employees downed servers and cleaned systems at companies where computers get dirty. “Computer dirt is an afterthought in my industry,” said Peter Maddox, managing member of Commerce Technologies. “When users see the pop-up line, ‘the computer has performed an illegal operation and will shut down,’ it’s usually not a hardware problem, it’s a dust problem.”

In order for a chip to remain cool air has to physically go across the top of the chip. A computer chip attracts dirt because of its magnetic field, said Maddox. “As more dirt builds up, the computer starts to heat up because the air is not moving.”

Maddox said he wanted to improve the way he worked and went on a search for the right filter. “HEPA filters are not reusable and depending on the size of the filter can cost up to $30.00 a month,” he said. “I tested one filter after another, from just about every store you can think of.” Maddox said they all failed and some filters he tested would actually pass small pebbles.

One day Maddox was in an automotive store. “I stumbled across a K&N filter, it was the right size and shape, a perfect 7 inch square, and it was reusable,” he said.

Maddox brought it home and tested with baby powder and a fan. This simulated a situation that could bring down a PC. The K&N filter worked despite the baby powder, said Maddox. “I didn’t have to look for filters anywhere else.”

With K&N’s multi layers of oiled cotton gauge, dirt is captured by tiny cotton fibers as it attempts to travel through a passageway. This area is designed to change and alter the direction of dirt particles. As a K&N filter is used its efficiency rating goes up. It’s true the filter gets better as it gets dirty.
K&N Air Filter Fibers Under a Microscope
Microscopic view of a K&N Air Filter showing layers of specially oiled cotton fibers ready to capture dirt particles.  
The K&N filters work on computers in conjunction with Clean-Aire Computer Enclosures at several companies, said Maddox. “One of my clients is a greenhouse, and the dirt stays away from the computers.”

When I go into businesses people say, “Hey, I have those filters in my cars and are amazed how efficient K&N filters are on computers,” said Maddox.

“I put the K&N filter in my enclosures and so far the same filters have been running for 4 years at a sheet metal shop in Anaheim, California,” said Maddox. “I used to go in and clean the PCs every 6 weeks, but the designed enclosures with K&N filters brought about an immediate reduction in service calls, at least 40%.”

Maddox uses a black base in his enclosures to prove his point. “You should see my customers when I advise them not to clean the K&N filter,” he said. “I want them to wait until it is completely covered in dirt.”

“I also use the K&N cleaning kit to go with the filters,” said Maddox.

“I tell my customers about the K&N Million Mile Warranty,” said Maddox. “No PC will go a million miles but I’m just starting to get an idea of how long these filters will last. I haven’t had any complaints about the K&N filter in the Clean-Aire Computer Enclosures in 4 years.”

“The filter was the key, nothing matters but the filter when it comes to keeping a computer clean,” said Maddox. “K&N is it.”

K&N Engineering is a filter technology pioneer in automotive, motorcycle, and marine applications. In addition to washable/reusable high flow air filters, K&N offers several lines of high flow air intake systems and heavy duty performance oil filters.

K&N is proud to manufacture air filters for more than 55,000 applications, covering a fast majority of the vehicles on the road today. More than 600 employees research, develop and manufacture K&N products.  Go to to find products for your vehicle or to find a universal filter for just about anything else that needs clean air.


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