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Carlson Motorsports Earns Triple Podium Weekend at ERX Motor Park

Andrew Carlson of Carlson Motorsports earned three podium spots at the ERX Off-Road National in Elk River, Minn., on July 13-14—stacking up a second-place finish in PRO 2, a third-place finish in PRO 4, and a second-place finish in Saturday’s PRO 4 final. After suffering two flat tires in the PRO 2 final, Carlson gave a master class in race driving—charging from the back of the pack to cross the finish line second, albeit a lap behind. With no possibility of a podium, he could have easily coasted through the rest of the race, but instead chose to demonstrate true determination and competitive spirit by forging ahead in spite of his one-lap disadvantage.

Carlson's off-road racing truck

Andrew Carlson proved his tenacity and determination in the PRO 2 final

“We came in as the top qualifier,” Carlson commented, “but I got two flat tires almost immediately. I had to hot pit twice and that put me a lap down and at the back of the 12-truck field.” Despite the devastating setback, Carlson chose to take the opportunity to hone his skills—and received great enthusiasm from fans, who were delighted to see their local racer give a truly impressive lesson in passing technique.

K&N is proud to sponsor Andrew Carlson’s racing endeavors. “Between races, in the shop and behind the scenes—it’s a fine line between win and lose,” Carlson stated. “Our alignment with some of the products that we use, and the amount of trust we have in them is key.”

Andrew greets local fans after his PRO 2 podium finish

Andrew greets local fans after his PRO 2 podium finish

Carlson Motorsports is a family-operated racing team based out of Elk River, Minn., owned by Chris and Deb Carlson—parents of Andrew Carlson and Taylor Carlson. “We've all been using K&N for many years,” noted Taylor Carlson. “We've grown to trust the quality and reliability of the products, and as gearheads we just love the performance gains. We're honored to represent the company.”

An avid outdoorsman, Andrew Carlson has also been assisting K&N in launching the new K&N Outdoor program, designed to help dedicated outdoorsmen get the most from the vehicles that carry them on their adventures. Whether you’re a fisherman, hiker, camper, or explorer, K&N offers performance products to help keep your recreational and utility vehicles performing at their peak.

Andrew Carlson battles with Kevin Hanegraaf in the PRO 2 class

Andrew Carlson battled with Kevin Hanegraaf in the PRO 2 class

You can look for Andrew Carlson at the Bark River International Raceway in Bark River, Michigan, August 10-12. Follow the Carlson Moto Team throughout the season on their website

Carlson on the podium

Carlson took second on Friday in the PRO 2 class

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