Carey Hart, World Famous Free-Style Motocross Rider and Regular Celebrity uses K&N

He knows motocross, supermoto, reality television and has his own action figure. Carey Hart is a superstar and is the brain-trust behind the Rockstar Energy/Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. Team.

Carey Hart's 2008 moto team is tied into his tattoo business
Carey Hart's 2008 moto team is tied into his tattoo business
The reality TV show Inked was filmed at his Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company which happens to be at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hart was also married to singer Pink and is in the Kid Rock video Bawitdava as the guy who jumps over a trailer park on a motorcycle. In 2000, Hart was one of the first riders to complete a back flip on a 250cc motorcycle.”
Carey Hart of reality show
Carey Hart of reality show "Inked" fame has been riding dirt bikes since he was 4 years old.

Troy Adams, supercross rider for Hart & Huntington
roy Adams, supercross rider for Hart & Huntington

He began competing in motocross when he was only 4-years-old and grew up riding dirt bikes in Las Vegas. That was 30 something years ago, now Hart is one of the world’s best known free-style motocross riders.

Supermoto is a new element of motocross that brought Hart back to his racing roots. It also provided the pro with a new learning curve. His 2008 team consists of Carey Hart, Doni Wanat and Travis Marks in supermoto and Troy Adams, Josh Demuth and Cole Siebler in supercross.

“Motocross is a great promotional tool for my tattoo business,” said Hart. “I broke ground with supermoto and Inked. I guess I was thinking outside the box. I didn’t pigeon hole myself as one “type” of person or athlete.” Hart wants his team to represent what he is about as an athlete and as a business person.

“Right out of the gate Josh Demuth was the first rider who really caught my eye,” said Hart. “Not only because he is tattooed, but because he is the sort of outsider who does his own thing.” Hart is serious about his tattoos and has found a permanent way to show off his pride for his city. One of his arms is covered with Las Vegas themed tattoos.

Hart said he is an outsider of sorts in his moto career and so is Demuth. “I also like Troy Adams because he has a really good attitude,” said Hart. “Troy is not cocky or whiney like many athletes can be.”

In 2008, the Hart & Huntington Team hopes to get through the season on a good note. Josh was hurt two weeks before the season opener, but is now back competing with the crew. “In supermoto we have a couple of seasons under our belt and I want to be a consistent top ten rider,” said Hart. “I also want the same for Doni and Travis. This season my little brother Tony Hart will debut in the lites class.”

The Rockstar Energy/Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. team use K&N Engineering products. “Since we are a new team, it’s important to have the best products on our bikes,” said Hart. “The truth is, K&N filters are hands down the best. It’s all the pieces together that make a great bike and when you are dealing with motors and carburetion, you have to have the best filters protecting your motor. K&N gives us performance too.”

Hart has been riding freestyle full-time since he was 23-years-old. Ten or so years later he is a household name. “Thanks for supporting the tattooed underdogs,” said Hart.

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