Avenger Superchargers Deliver Jeep Performance With K&N Air Filters

Avenger Superchargers Burnout
Avenger Superchargers Burnout
Every Jeep enthusiast has experienced the same dilemma, increase the size of the tires, and down goes the performance of the motor. Your gearing becomes longer, your engine struggles to turn all that rubber as you climb a hill or slog through mud. This is especially true if your Jeep didn't come with the top of the line V8 engine.

It's this exact reason that 6 years ago a Jeep repair shop owned by Jack Schuler, Avenger 4WD, began putting together high performance supercharger kits for their customers.

"My oldest daughter named it," Jack Schuler tells me, "Avenge means to make things right. That's what we do. We try to do what's right for the customer."

It's been working. Avenger Superchargers have become the go to guys to make rock crawlers, mud-boggers, off-roaders, or daily drivers really scream. The secret to their success, Jack Schuler says, is their customer service.

Avenger Superchargers in Shop
Avenger Superchargers in Shop
"We were just a regular four-wheel drive shop in Colorado. We only had three employees at the time." Jack relates, "We developed these kits for our customers running 35-inch tires, as an alternative to swapping in a V8."

They offer kits for three Jeep engines; the 2.4 liter four-cylinder, 2.5 liter four-cylinder, 4.0 liter six-cylinder and they are developing a supercharger for the 3.8 liter six-cylinder. Power increases range from 70 horsepower to 100 horsepower depending on engine size.

Jack uses K&N Air Filters on their Avenger Supercharger Systems.

"K&N has been around the longest, they're the most recognizable brand out there." Jack says, "They're the most durable. In off-roading, you're cleaning the air filter far more often than on the pavement, and other brand's filters would just disintegrate."

Avenger Superchargers with K&N Air Filter
Avenger Superchargers with K&N Air Filter
Airflow is especially important in forced induction systems such as superchargers and turbo chargers.

"Your engine is basically an air pump, and it starts with the air filter. If your filer can't pump good CFM, your engine will suffer. The more air you can get in and out of the engine, the better your engine will perform."

And perform his engines do, their latest kit in production is estimated to get about 80 lbs of torque and nearly 80 horsepower out of the latest Jeep V6.

"We've had really good success with K&N Air Filters."

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