Austin Reed Ready to Challenge for the SRL Legends Car Championship, and Much More

Reed finding the familiar groove at the Toyota Speedway
Reed finding the familiar groove at the Toyota Speedway
Austin Reed, the Bakersfield, California native, pilots the number 14 Approved Memory, Kalgard, K&N Filters, Ringers Gloves, (RBP) Rolling Big Power, Vitamin Water Legend car. Whew. With that out of the way let's talk about race-swagger shall we. Reed, the 16 year-old, straight-A high school student has enough to fill a speedway, Toyota Speedway at Irwindale to be exact.
Reed and his father Dave are all smiles after winning the Hard Charger Award
Reed and his father Dave are all smiles after winning the Hard Charger Award

"I ran the full season at the Toyota Speedway," says Reed. We took home three Hard Charger Awards, I think that's more than any other team racing there. So that was big for us." If you want to see what swagger looks like check out Reed's picture on his totally stylish website. Race-swagger, in Reed's case, refers to a very positive, cool confidence, the kind that's an absolute requirement for success in motorsports.

Last season was a learning year for Reed in Legend Cars. "I came from short course, off-road racing, so moving over to pavement cars and running ovals was a lot different than what I have been used to," explains Reed. "Our goal was to get me up to speed and comfortable in the race car. I was really focusing on being smooth and changing my driving style to adjust to pavement. Our season started out with a few top 20's and got better the more races I raced."

"We ran the last two races of the season at The Bullring in Las Vegas. I got fifth in one and ninth in the open race. So I really feel like we are getting a handle on what it takes to get around the track and make good aggressive changes to the racecar. With Legend Cars you have to be very consistent and smooth."

For this season Reed will be totally focused on racing for the SRL Legends Car Championship. It is a new touring series that will take Austin Reed Racing to Roseville, Stockton, Madera, the Orange Show, and of course Irwindale Speedway. "We are racing in a few National events at Blythe and Lake Havasu Speedways in March too," adds Reed.

"My Dad also is the spotter for the number 22 car in the K&N Pro Series West, with driver Jonathon Gomez out of Idaho, and we plan on going up to the northwest and run some Legends races when the West cars are racing. I would like to head back to Charlotte, North Carolina for the Million Dollar Race, but we will have to see if that fits into our budget this year."

"We have a great relationship going with K&N and continue to use the best air, fuel and oil filters on the market. Not to mention we also use the Air Intake kit in our tow vehicle. We noticed that we get way more power going up the Grapevine every weekend in our Chevy Tow vehicle. We know K&N products give us an advantage over the competition. I guess that's no secret. So we want to continue to help promote such a great product."

"I am scheduled to test a NASCAR Super Late Model of Ron Esau's later this year at Irwindale. If that all goes well, and we can fit it in our schedule, I might race one or two Super Late Model races at the end of the year. We really just want to run well and have a chance at winning a race and the SRL Legends Championship. I understand there will be a lot of Legend Cars racing for it, so we have to be prepared for sure," concludes Reed.

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