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Against All Odds Shannon Moham Earns Three Motorcycle Championships Plus Four Track Records

Moham on his Suzuki SV650
Moham on his Suzuki SV650
Someone once wrote, "Riding motorcycles makes me contemplative. It's an addiction I don't seek to kick. I need it. It's how I regain my footing when the world around me tilts or my mojo starts to fade." It's safe to say that Shannon Moham living in Littleton, Colorado has enough mojo for entire room of people. It's also safe to say he finds motorcycles a life affirming, self-induced addiction.
Taking it to the edge on his Yamaha R6
Taking it to the edge on his Yamaha R6

"My love for motorcycles started at a very early age. I rode my first bike at eight years old, a 1980 YZ80, which I crashed through my neighbor's garage door on Christmas morning. I had many other bikes throughout the years, but it was after I crashed my (Honda) CBR900RR, that was a gift from my parents after graduating from the US Air Force Academy, that I decided it might be a bit safer to take my riding to the racetrack. Over the last several years I have competed both at the professional and club level," says Moham.

Moham's riding style has been described as equal parts aggression and flair. Racers and spectators alike take notice of his racing abilities and his consistent results wherever he races.

"My '09 season was challenging, to say the least, but ended successfully as I brought home three Class Championships and set four track records. As a racer that cherishes the support of my sponsors, I work very hard at building profitable relationships with those sponsors and strive to reach the podium weekend after weekend," says Moham.

"K&N provides awesome support and the best filter products on the market. Not only did the K&N motorcycle air filters keep my motors together under harsh race conditions, the air filter also provided that much needed horsepower, and the oil filters made tech a breeze, with the ability to run safety wire already built-in."

Winning Championships and setting track records last year are even more remarkable, put in context with the challenges Moham had to overcome. "The start of my race season began with a devastating trailer crash on I-70 that resulted in a totaled bike and tens of thousands of dollars in damage to bikes and gear. That crash prevented me from any further racing out in Utah, at Miller Motorsports Park, as the damage to my bikes was too extensive, and took time to rectify," reflects Moham.

"The birth of my beautiful firstborn, in the second month of racing, was an incredible experience and a wonderful addition to our life, for my wife and I, but it definitely threw a new twist into our race weekends. To top it all off, I had a major get off that included a fire, which I could have done without," quips Moham.

When all was said and done, '09 was a, memory-book type year for Moham, filled with exhilarating highs, and life defining challenges. "I am incredibly proud of my race results. I feel that they speak for my dedication, professionalism and abilities on a motorcycle. However, if I didn't have such wonderful sponsors, that provide incredible products for me to race with, I wouldn't be anywhere in the racing world," adds Moham.

"For 2010, I'm going to be racing a R6 and a SV650, and I fully expect to dominate on both," declares a confident Moham. "I'll be racing with both the MRA and Utah Sportsbike Association at Miller Motorsports Park, and a select few other races. I am excited to exceed last year's accomplishments and am looking forward to breaking some of my own records."

"Racing motorcycles is an incredible privilege that I have been allowed to be a part of. My racing effort is up-close and personal with the spectators, and with other riders. I have surrounded myself with a very professional team and I am looking forward to making 2010 the best year yet."

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