Add Estimated 8.17 HP to 2011 Jeep Wrangler with K&N Air Intake System

People who have Jeep Wranglers can lower the windshields and take off the doors all by themselves. It is made for off-road enthusiasts who like to cross streams and drive over big rocks. The Wrangler also works well on pavement.

Air Intake for Jeep Wrangler
Air Intake for Jeep Wrangler
K&N Engineering has released a 57-Series Performance Air Intake Kit (57-1553) for 2007-2011 Jeep Wrangler 3.8 liter V6 engine in black molded polyethylene. K&N dynamometer tests show an increase of an estimated 8 @ 4807 RPM for this air intake.

Power Gain Chart for Jeep Wrangler with K&N Air Intake
Power Gain Chart for Jeep Wrangler with K&N Air Intake
To add performance K&N replaces the Wrangler's original air box, air filter and intake tube with an all new air intake system. The aerodynamically engineered non-metallic rotationally molded tube is designed to provide lower air temperature and reduced intake sound than metal tube intakes.

The K&N Lifetime Replacement Air Filter (RF-1048) is protected by a powder coated steel heat shield. The heat shield isolates the chrome top K&N Air Filter from the engine compartment and allows the K&N Air Filter to receive a consistent flow of fresh cool air.

The heat shield assembly is installed into the engine compartment and a bracket supports the tube which is mounted to the engine. Simply remove the factory air temperature sensor from the stock intake track to install the new K&N Air Intake System.

The 57-1553 can easily be installed in 90 minutes or less and is backed by the K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty.

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