Add Estimated 7+ Horsepower to Honda Civic SI with K&N Typhoon Air Intake

The sport-compact Honda Civic SI made its debut at the 2005 Specialty Equipment Marketers Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas. The redesigned Coupe has a four cylinder engine and is one of the most fuel efficient cars on the market.

Honda has continuously placed a Civic Coupe in the automotive market since 1992, but the 2005 model can be tailored to the owner's style through aftermarket parts. K&N Engineering proudly displayed a highly modified 2006 at the LA Auto Show in January. K&N employees took a stock Honda and worked to build a show car, considered unique to K&N.

Typhoon Air Intake for Honda Civic SI 2.0L
Typhoon Air Intake for Honda Civic SI

K&N has also released a new 69-Series Typhoon Air Intake (69-1014TS) for the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Honda Civic SI 2.0L L4, Coupe. K&N dynamometer tests show an estimated 7.01 horsepower gain @6950 RPM. "The power gain is exceptional for an engine this size," said K&N Project Technician Nestor Cabrera. "This type of gain is usually seen on a much larger engine with twice as many cylinders."

The 69-Series Typhoon Air Intake (69-1014TS) is designed for all new Honda Civic SI's equipped with Honda's high revving 2.0L inline 4 Cylinder with variable valve timing and lift with intelligence. "The Kit is designed with maximum air flow in mind and uses several unique to K&N components such as a high volume 5-inch flange, K&N High Flow Air Filter, radiused filter adapter, heat shield and CNC mandrel-bent aluminum tube," said Cabrera. "The mass air flow sensor is mounted directly on the intake tube for precision and accurate mass air flow sensor readings."

The cab forward Honda design created a few obstacles in the development of the K&N Typhoon Intake System. "To compensate for the tighter engine compartment the K&N Intake Tube was designed using very tight bends and was kept close to the engine," said Cabrera. "The heat shield was also bolted onto the intake tube. Since room was an issue we designed the Intake Kit (69-1014TS) to flow with all the other components in the engine compartment, keeping the bends very tight and designing a compact yet effective heat shield with provisions to attach the factory fresh air duct."

K&N's 2006 Honda Civic SiR on Display in Las Vegas, Nevada
K&N's 2006 Honda Civic SiR on Display in Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a specially designed filter (RU-5147) for this application, said Cabrera. Although it does not use any exotic material it was designed to meet the demands of the Civic SI's engine.

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