Add 15 Horsepower to European Seat with K&N Engineering Typhoon Kit

In the European supermini sector, the Seat Ibiza has sporty, aerodynamic features. The Seat Cordoba is also a supermini sedan built by Spanish car maker Seat. It is the 4-door version of the Seat Ibiza. These inexpensive small cars are as solidly constructed as most German executive cars that cost three times as much and blend character with practicality.

Air Intake for Seat Ibiza 111 and Cordoba
Air Intake for Seat Ibiza 111 and Cordoba
K&N Engineering has released a new 69-Series Typhoon Air Intake (69-8251TS) in powder coated silver for the 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 SEAT Ibiza 111 1.8L L4 Turbo and the 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 SEAT Cordoba 1.8L L4 Turbo. Sparkling blue (69-8251TB) is also available.

The kit is a Complete Cold Air system. "This means it can be assembled onto the vehicle in two configurations," said K&N Project Designer Joost Adriaans. "The way to get the most out of this kit, approximately 15 horsepower, is to use the two tubes supplied, connected with a rubber hose and one of our drychargers fitted on the filter element, that is positioned behind the front wheel."

The drycharger is water-repellant and avoids water getting ingested into the intake. In bad weather conditions, the kit can be converted to a short ram configuration, where the filter is positioned in the upper part of the engine, just below the hood.

Air Intake for Seat Ibiza 111 and Cordoba
Air Intake for Seat Ibiza 111 and Cordoba
"It is usually a bit of a challenge to squeeze more horsepower out of the smaller European turbo engines with an intake kit," said Adriaans. "We are very satisfied with a 15 horsepower gain.

It takes about an hour to install this kit. "This K&N Intake Kit definitely improves performance, looks and the sound of anyone's Seat," said Adriaans.

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