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Goldwing, Sportster and Bagger Win the K&N Classes at the Dallas International Motorcycle Show (IMS)

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K&N sponsors three of the classes of the prestigious J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

The travelling three-ring moto-circus known as the Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS) made its southernmost stop in early February. The Lone Star State hosted the two-wheeled celebration at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

At each stop of the IMS, K&N sponsors two of the most prestigious classes and a special category in the massive J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show. Those prizes are awarded in the Modified Harley Class, the Modified Retro Class, and the aptly named K&N Performer Award. More then 60 customs were rolled onto the J&P red carpet in Dallas.

The bikes that won the K&N prizes in the "Big D" are great representations of the magic that talented builders can create. Here is a closer look.

Modified Harley Class

Harley-Davidson® baggers made up a larger percentage of the entrants in Dallas than they have at any of the previous stops of the IMS. With that strong showing of the breed, it is little wonder that a bagger won the hotly contested Mod Harley class.

2006 Harley-Davidson Road Glide won the Modified Harley class of the Dallas IMS

A great battleship-themed bagger won the Modified Harley class of the Dallas IMS

Misfit Industries sailed away with the Mod Harley class with a battle grey bagger named USS79. The Navy-themed 2006 Harley-Davidson Road Glide is long and low and cuts a wide berth. The heavily stylized bodywork is tamed with a monochromatic paint theme. The total aesthetic is clean and eye-catching.

The USS79 cruises behind a tall 26-inch custom wheel that carries a theme-appropriate propeller look. A low fairing sits above that big hoop with clean, ship-like curves. The bike’s lines flow down a beautiful, sweeping tank through a color-matched seat to bags that create a fantastic wake behind the custom Glide.

We are happy to say that the USS79 bagger breathes through a K&N filter. The custom exhaust ends in a wide-mouthed bend that conjures visions of a battle ship’s smoke stacks.

Modified Retro Class

1967 Shovelhead chopper at the Dallas Progressive International Motorcycle Show

A classic 1967 Shovelhead chopper rode away with the Mod Retro Class of the J&P competition

On the other end of the paint spectrum from the Mod Harley winner, the bike that captured the Mod Retro class is an exercise in excess. Tom Miller’s 1967 XLCH Harley Sportster chopper is wrapped in a fantastic multi-hued motif that carries retro hot rod flames in yellow, orange, and purple. Where this isn’t paint on the build, there is chrome – and lots of it.

Miller’s custom is a classic chopper that is a fitting winner for a retro award. The stretched and raked telescopic forks rise up from a gleaming, chromed front wheel. The front end is capped with more chrome in the headlight, controls, and even the grips.

The bike falls precipitously from the triple tree through the stretched, color matched frame. The hardtail rear end cradles a chromed rim and classic rubber capped with a shorty rear fender.

1980 Honda Goldwing at the Dallas Progressive International Motorcycle Show

The K&N Performer Award went to an innovative 1980 Honda Goldwing

The V-twin power-plant pumps through orange and black coated jugs. The rest of the Shovelhead is chromed perfectly. The Sportster carries twin classic straight pipe headers and features a chromed oil tank.

K&N Performer Award

Richard Becker of the Texas-based House of Tandems is one of those builders who has found a motorcycle marquee that he likes, and sticks with it. Becker’s donor bike of choice is, however, a bit of a departure from the norm. The guy sees the beauty in the venerable Honda Goldwing.

Becker has used both 1976 and 1983 incarnations of the Japanese tourer in two fantastic prior builds. The Wing that Becker brought to the Dallad IMS splits the difference. His 1980 Honda custom won the K&N Performer Award.

The striking green Goldwing features very cool retro springer forks embracing a spoked front rim. Spooned on that chrome wheel is fat, classic rubber. Minimalist controls and instrumentation keep the front end clean.

1980 Goldwing at the Dallas J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

This is not your father's Honda Goldwing

Becker did a great job keeping the engine sanitary with his artful housing of the requisite radiator. The Goldwing breathes through a downdraft intake that is filled with horsepower boosting trickery. That intake is fitted with K&N filtration.

K&N congratulates the Dallas winners of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show’s J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder competition. We are proud to support the innovators and creative forces in the custom bike world.

The last two stops of the Progressive IMS will be staged in Chicago, Illinois and Washington, D.C.

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