40th Macau Grand Prix is a Challenge for Team Millennium/KWS Suzuki

The 21 hour flight from Charleston, South Carolina to the 40th Macau GP in China was filled with promise for the Millennium/KWS Suzuki Team. The invitation only group was part of 50 drivers traveling  from 17 different countries and three continents.
Millennium/KWS Suzuki at Macau GP
Millennium/KWS Suzuki at Macau GP
40th Macau GP
wo of the only three Americans invited were Millennium’s John Haner and real roads specialist Mark Miller.

This was Haner’s second trip to Macau; Miller competed in the GP six times and finished on the podium twice.

“Mark’s (Miller) original deal fell through and he contacted Team Owner Kevin Hunt about riding one of his KWS bikes,” said Team Manager Chip Spalding. “Kevin (Hunt) was happy to have a two rider team and the duo was set.”

Haner rode a Pirelli shod Suzuki GSX-R1000 Superbike in the event. “This is real road racing,” said Spalding. “It’s a street circuit with concrete walls and zero run off. One mistake will land you in the hospital.”

Suzuki GSX-R1000 Superbike equipped with K&N
Suzuki GSX-R1000 Superbike equipped with K&N
Millennium/KWS Suzuki sponsored by Ron Ayers Motorsports
Millennium/KWS Suzuki sponsored by Ron Ayers Motorsports
Team Mechanic Michael Godin took care of the mechanical duties on his second trip to the Macau GP. Godin raced it in 2002. The bikes were equipped with K&N Products. “We ran the K&N Filters,” said Spalding. “K&N makes excellent filters.”

Haner and Miller ran well and qualified well at the onset of the Macau GP. The team was prepared, but the results were not what they hoped for. “John (Haner) broke a sub-frame belt and Mark (Miller) had electrical problems,” said Spalding. “It was just one of those failures that you can’t do anything about. Fortunately, no one was injured.”

The AMA privateer team originally only had the budget for the AMA Series. “When the opportunity presented itself to do the Macau GP, the sponsors helped make it happen,’ said Spalding. “K&N Filters perform great and we are very happy with their results at every race.”

The 40th Macau GP is over but Team Millennium/KWS Suzuki said they have unfinished business in China. We want to go back again next year and show the world what we can do, said Spalding.

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