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Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 7
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 7
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 7

So, we started with our drivers meeting at 8am and headed for the trail around 8:45am. We spent the day at Turtle Ridge offroad park, this park had a combination of everything from technical off camber tree mazes, to mud holes, rock obstacles and hill climbs.

The K&N Jeepster made it through the off camber tree mazes and luckily since the side mirrors had previously been lost to other trees, we are glad to report we made it through these mazes without any damage, except maybe a scrape or two. Getting the K&N Jeepster thru some of these tight spots is like threading a needle with rope instead of thread!

Next stop, turtle ridge mud hole, I think this one may top the previos reference of the deepest mud that I have ever seen a vehicle in. It started out relatively shallow, but if you didnt make it thru the other end you ended up with mud up to at least the bottom of your door. The K&N Jeepster made it, and oh yes, we are covered in mud, luckily the windows were up, though some still came thru the openings of the softop and up thru the floor board. Good times!

Now onto a few hill climbs, another off camber tree maze and then a couple of rock obstacle climbs.

We ended the day with the 2009 UA group cutting our own trail thru the trees and ended at a rock ledge, where once all the rigs tackled the ridge we lined up for a group photo.

The K&N jeepster's final day was a success.

Wow what an adventure, truly an experience of a lifetime! A great group of people and week of true offroad adventure! We would do it all again in a heart beat, just let us know when and where.

Thank you K&N for allowing us to represent your outstanding company and product. Thank you Peter's 4 Wheel & Offroad for putting on such an Ultimate Adventure. We welcome future opportunities.

Dont forget to get your subscription for full disclosure and details of the 2009 Peterson's 4 Wheel & Offroad Ultimate Adventure!

Thanks again, it was truly our pleasure,

Terra & Ryan Hagel

Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 6
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 6
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 6

Today was an all day road day, 230 miles in 14 hours. We obviuosly dont always take the most direct route, for good reason (20 some rigs attract a lot of attention, so side roads are sometimes safer even if it takes longer, especially if someone has vehicle issues).

The K&N Jeepster survived the 14 hours without issues. Others were not so lucky, but repairs were made and we all made it to the ferry in time to cross over to drummund island.

Next up, our final day, day 7, we have a full day of adventure ahead of us.

Stay tuned for our final update.

Terra & Ryan Hagel

Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 5
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 5
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 5

Well we got to sleep in a bit today, Driver meeting at 7:30 on the trail at 8am.

We started with a twisty obstacle of off camber trails then onto a mud bogg that was the deepest mud Ive ever seen any vehicle in. Many as well as our K&N Jeepster relied on our Warn winch and assistance of the other UA particpants to get our rigs out of the mud.

We then headed for our first of two rock climbs for the day, of which very few vehicles made it thru, we even had one tip over on its side, luckily no damage or injuries reported. The K&N Jeepster gave it a grand effort, but after 3 tries moved along to let someone else try.

Next up a river of mud, our K&n Jeepster and filter performed well and we were able to assist some that went a little too deep in the mud by using the K&N Filter Care Cleaning Kit to clean off their filters. Those that use the K&N dry charger performed just as they should and were able to rinse off the charger and move right along to the next trail.

Next up another maze of trees and off camberg obstacles and then to a steep hill climb that ended short at the top so you better be paying attention and turn left at the top.

Last up for the day was an obstacle called "winch hill" another rock climb obstacle. The K&N Jeepster, I'm proud to report, climbed that obstacle all the way to the top!

now back to camp where the locals have preparred another great feast for us, what a great surprise after another full day of sun, fun and wheeling.

The K&N Jeepster has a few repairs so dinner was quick and no time to sit around the fire. Power steering and hydrolic break pump has been leaking since day 2 and its getting worse so luckily thanks to Mel at Offroad evolution and assistance from steven at offroad design they got the pump replaced in record time!

Took out the driver side mirror today as well, so now we have no side mirrors, but all and all, minus the body damage, scrapes, mirrors, power steering pump, and bent steering ram skid plate, the K&N Jeepster is holding strong and ready for the next trail.

Next stop the U.P. of Michigan. Day 6 will be another driving day, approximately 150 miles, should be relatively simple, but as with any adventure, we are preparred for anything!

Stay tuned for the next K&N update!

Terra & Ryan Hagel

Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 4
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 4
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 4

Today was an all day road day, 456.7 miles to rocks and valleys offroad park. Drivers meeting at 6:30am on the road at 7am.

With a few site seeing stops along the way and one flat tire for a member of the group we arrived at camp around 6pm with the locals welcoming us with a bbq feast.

After we ate we set up camp and got our rigs ready for day 5 a full day of wheeling.

The K&N Jeepster is all ready to go.

Stay tuned!

Terra & Ryan Hagel

Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 3

Another fun adventurous day to be had. Drivers meeting 6:30am, on the road at 7am, with setting up camp and breaking down in the morning, we are averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep, good times!
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 3
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 3

We traveled 250 miles to reach our destination of painted rock off road park. We arrived around 2:30, had 15 minutes to set up camp and then head for the obstacles.

The K&N Jeepster performed well, at the second obstacle we opted to take the more difficult line and we are proud to say we made it up the obstacle, of which only about a 1/4 of the rigs did, however, at the top of the obstacle there was a tree which, in our accomplishment of making the obstacle we smacked the tree square on with our front bumper! With a ledge to the left and ledge behind we succesfully completed the obstacle with the use of our Warn winch as we winched out sideways from the tree.

Luckily enough no major damage done, on to the next obstacle, the waterfall.

The waterfall claimed many, with only about 5 rigs making it up. Some of us re-named it tire hill, as 4 of us sliced a tire, not because of the tire but because of the sharprocks on the obstacle. Though we gave it a full force effort, the K&N Jeepster didnt tackle that waterfall as we sliced a sidewall and had to pull off the trail to change out.

After the waterfall it was back to camp, 11pm and all is good, finished setting up camp, had a bite to eat and enjoyed sometime by the camp fire with a cold beverage, then it was tents zipped and bug spray on for a few hours of shut eye before we head out for day 4!

We hit the road tomorrow early for a long road day, drivers meeting 6:30am, on the road at 7am, only 456.7 miles to go!

Terra & Ryan Hage

Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 2

And we are off to another adventurous day. Drivers meeting at 6:30 on the road at 7am. Today was planned to be a combination of wheeling and driving with the driving portion taking us 350 miles west of PA into Ohio.

After an eventful morning in the mud and some beautiful back country we found ourselves at an offroad park that we were not quite sure what we were in for.

However, it turned out that this was the beginning of an offroad park called jeepskool (jeepskool.com), the idea was to do some wheeling at jeepskool and continue from there to our first night of camping.

After a couple tough obstacles we headed for one last challange before we hit the road, and thats where plans changed! The official UA truck got wedged between two rock walls and then broke the rear axle and thats when it was decided we would camp there for the night. Only 250 miles behind schedule.

Another great day for the K&N Jeepster.

We will head out early tomorrow to make up for the 250 miles we didnt get to today. Everyday another great adventure!

Terra & Ryan Hagel

Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 1
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 1
Ultimate Adventure 2009 Day 1

Well, we are proud to report the K&N Jeepster passed inspection on the 4th and we were officially signed in for the 2009 Ultimate Adventure.

Trail day # 1 officially started with a drivers meeting at 7:30 am which means you are fueled and ready to be out on the trail all day.

The group of approximately 15 rigs rolled out at 8am. A group of locals led us out to an off road park for the day. The park was amazing, full of many, many trees, some much more forgiving than others! We also encountered lots of rocks, big and small, but mostly BIG and of course, Mud - slippery, slimy , and did I mention slippery mud!

Along with others the K&N Jeepster encountered a few trees that left some damage, but we are still trekking along.

For the K&N Jeepster the damage was all taken on the passenger side some easily replaceable/repairable and unfortunately some that will take some magic!

To end my message for day 1 I would be remise if I did not mention the significance of the location we started our 2009 Ultimate Adventure which was Butler, PA, the birth place of the Bantam, known to you and I as the Jeep!

It is definitely a privilege and honor to be here, I will admit I'm a bit disappointed with my performance thus far, however, I will continue to charge on and prove myself as deserving to be here. Don't worry, the K&N Jeepster is very capable.

Terra & Ryan Hagel

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