2008-2016 Honda CBR1000RR Motorcycles Get Added Performance with K&N Air Fiilter

Honda made a good motorcycle with the release of their CBR1000RR. Because of it's success, they've left the engine, styling and performance the same throughout the years. It is also known on the market as the Fireblade.

K&N's HA-1008 Replacement Air Filter for 2008-2016 Honda CRB 1000RR
K&N's HA-1008 Replacement Air Filter for 2008-2016 Honda CRB 1000RR
K&N has released a new replacement air filter (HA-1008) for the 2008 to 2016 Honda CRB1000RR. It is designed to drop into the Honda’s factory air box and is held securely in place with a zinc plated retainer frame. There is no cutting or fitting required.

Simply install the two stock screws and the two provided washers into the provided air filter plate. This replacement motorcycle air filter provides your Honda with excellent filtration and allows air to pass through the filter with little restriction.

The HA-1008 was designed to enhance your riding experience as it protects your engine. With proper care this washable and reusable air filter will deliver a lifetime of performance. It is backed by K&N’s famous Million Mile Limited Warranty and will be the last air filter your Honda motorcycle will ever need.

Air filter HA-1008 will fit the following Honda CBR1000RR Motorcycles:

2016 HONDA CBR1000RR 999
2015 HONDA CBR1000RR ABS 999
2015 HONDA CBR1000RR 999
2014 HONDA CBR1000RR SP 999
2014 HONDA CBR1000RR ABS 999
2014 HONDA CBR1000RR 999
2013 HONDA CBR1000RR ABS 999
2013 HONDA CBR1000RR 999
2012 HONDA CBR1000RR ABS 999
2012 HONDA CBR1000RR 999
2011 HONDA CBR1000RR 999
2010 HONDA CBR1000RR 999
2009 HONDA CBR1000RR 999
2008 HONDA CBR1000RR 999

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