2004-2011 BMW's with Four Cylinder Engines Gain Performance with K&N Air Induction Kit

The BMW Euro-spec 3 series name does not have anything to do with its engine size. The 318 and 320 cars have 2.0 liter four-cylinder engines. There are also the 118 and 120 models which are designed to hold their own on European roads.

K&N 57-0648-1 Performance Air Intake Kit for a wide range of 2004 - 2011 BMW 2.0 liter four cylinder models
K&N 57-0648-1 Performance Air Induction Kit for a wide range of 2004 - 2011 BMW 2.0 liter four cylinder models
K&N has developed a performance air induction kit (57-0648-1) for the 2004-2011 BMW 320I, BMW 318I, BMW120I and BMW 118I with 2.0 liter engines. See the complete list of models below.

The K&N air induction kit is equipped with a washable and reusable chrome top replacement air filter. The K&N air filter feeds air into the engine for an increase in power and excellent filtration. The 57-0648-1 is designed to free your vehicle from much of the original air box restriction.

Custom mounting hardware is included with the air intake kit to fit your BMW. The hardware keeps the K&N air filter firmly in place. The flexi cold air hose is fed down to the lower under tray and secured below the headlamp with a tie. The rubber filter adapter goes onto the intake side of the MAS. K&N cold air intakes are easy to assemble, usually in 90 minutes or less and come with the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty.

The makes and models for the 57-0648-1 are as follows:

2011 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2011 BMW 318I 2.0L L4
2011 BMW 120I 2.0L L4
2011 BMW 118I 2.0L L4
2010 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2010 BMW 318I 2.0L L4
2010 BMW 120I 2.0L L4
2010 BMW 118I 2.0L L4
2009 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2009 BMW 318I 2.0L L4
2009 BMW 120I 2.0L L4
2009 BMW 118I 2.0L L4
2008 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2008 BMW 318I 2.0L L4
2008 BMW 120I 2.0L L4
2008 BMW 118I 2.0L L4
2007 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2007 BMW 318I 2.0L L4
2007 BMW 120I 2.0L L4
2007 BMW 118I 2.0L L4
2006 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2006 BMW 318I 2.0L L4
2006 BMW 120I 2.0L L4
2006 BMW 118I 2.0L L4
2005 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2005 BMW 318I 2.0L L4
2005 BMW 120I 2.0L L4
2005 BMW 118I 2.0L L4
2004 BMW 120I 2.0L L4
2004 BMW 118I 2.0L L4

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