K&N Vehicles Needed in Riverside, California USA

Attention Southern California, USA Residents:
K&N's R&D department may need your car, truck, SUV, or van for prototyping Performance Intake Kits! We also may need your motorcycle or ATV for testing and development of replacement air filters!

If you own one of the listed vehicles, live near Riverside, California, and are willing to leave your vehicle with us for 1-5 working days, please select the vehicle from the list below then complete the remaining fields in the corresponding form. Please list all modifications that you have made to your vehicle. Anyone allowing K&N's R&D department to use their car, truck, SUV, or van for air intake development will be compensated with a FREE air intake kit once it goes into production. Anyone allowing K&N's R&D department to use their motorcycle or ATV for use in air filter development will receive a FREE K&N air filter once it goes into production.

If your vehicle is not on the above list and you are willing to loan it to us if the need arises, please complete our Questionnaire and make sure you check the box that states we can contact you. When we need vehicles we will look for ones located nearby that were registered in our questionnaire.

 YearMakeModelEngineDate PostedComments
Select2012AcuraRDXL4-2.3L turbo15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2013-2014AcuraRDXV6-3.5L15 Apr 2014KND
Select2002-2006AcuraRSXL4-2.0L15 Apr 2014SPD
Select2002-2006AcuraRSX Type SL4-2.0L15 Apr 2014SPD
Select2009AcuraTLV6-3.7L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2011-2014AcuraTLV6-3.7L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2014AcuraTSXL4-2.4L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2014AudiA3L4-2.0L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2014AudiA4L4-2.0L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2009-2013AudiA4L4-2.0L15 Apr 2014KET
Select2010-11BMW335iL6-3.0L N5515 Apr 2014KND
Select2009-10BMWM5V10-5.0L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2013-2014CadillacATSL4-2.515 Apr 2014KND
Select2013-2014CadillacATSV6-3.6L15 Apr 2014KND
Select2012-2014CadillacCTS-VV8-6.2L15 Apr 2014KND
Select2015CadillacEscaladeV8-6.2L16 Apr 2014KND
Select1988-1995ChevroletC/K 1500/2500 TruckV8-5.7L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2012-2014ChevroletCamaroV6-3.6L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2010-2012ChevroletCamaroV8-6.2L15 Apr 2014KND
Select2007-2012ChevroletColoradoL5-3.7L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2010-13ChevroletCorvette Z06V8-7.0L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2013-2014ChevroletCruzeL4-1.8L15 Apr 2014KND
Select2006ChevroletImpala SSV8-5.3L15 Apr 2014KNC
Select2013-2014ChevroletMalibuL4-2.0L turbo15 Apr 2014KND
Select2013-2014ChevroletMalibuL4-2.5L15 Apr 2014KND
Select2014ChevroletSilverado 2500 / 3500V8-6.0L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2013-2014ChevroletSilverado 2500 / 3500V8-6.0L15 Apr 2014KND
Select2007ChevroletSilverado 2500/3500V8-6.6L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2014ChevroletSonicL4-1.4L turbo15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2008ChevroletSuburbanV8-6.0L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2009ChevroletTrailblazer SSV8-6.0L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2008-2010Chrysler300V6-3.5L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2011-2014Chrysler300V6-3.6L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2012-2013Chrysler300V8-6.4L16 Apr 2014SFC
Select2009ChryslerPT CruiserL4-2.4L turbo15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2008-2010DodgeCharger / ChallengerV6-3.5L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2011-2014DodgeCharger / ChallengerV6-3.6L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2011-2013DodgeCharger / ChallengerV8-6.4L16 Apr 2014SFC
Select2004DodgeDakotaV8-4.7L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2011DodgeDakotaV8-4.7L16 Apr 2014KFC
Select2000-2003DodgeDakota / DurangoV8-5.9L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2000-2003DodgeDakota / DurangoV84.7L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2013-2014DodgeRam 1500V6-3.6L16 Apr 2014KND
Select2014DodgeRam 1500V8-4.7L16 Apr 2014KFC
Select2002-2003DodgeRam 1500V8-5.9L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2009-2014DodgeRam 1500/2500V8-5.7L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2007-09DodgeRam 2500 / 3500V8-6.7L Dsl16 Apr 2014SFC
Select2010-2012DodgeRam 2500/3500V8-6.7L Dsl16 Apr 2014SFC
Select2004-2006DodgeRam SRT-10V10-8.3L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2012-2014Fiat500 AbarthL4-1.4L Turbo16 Apr 2014KND
Select2012-2014FordEdgeV6-3.5 Non-EcoBoost16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2011-2014FordEdgeV6-3.7L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2013-2014FordExplorerL4-2.0L turbo16 Apr 2014KND
Select2011-2014FordExplorerV6-3.5L Non-EcoBoost16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2009-10FordExplorerV8-4.6L16 Apr 2014KFC
Select2011-2014FordF-150V6-3.5L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2011FordF-150V6-3.5L Eco-Boost16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2011-2012FordF-150V8-6.2L16 Apr 2014KFA
Select2007FordF-250/350V10-6.8L16 Apr 2014KFC
Select2005-2006FordF-250/350V8-6.8L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2007-2010FordF-250/350V8-6.8L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2009-10FordF150V8-5.4L16 Apr 2014KND
Select2012-2013FordFlexV6-3.5L EcoBoost16 Apr 2014KND
Select2014FordFusionL4-1.5L EcoBoost16 Apr 2014KND
Select2005-2009FordMustangV6-4.0L16 Apr 2014SPC
Select2007-2009FordMustang GTV8-4.6L16 Apr 2014KET
Select1988-1995GMCC/K 1500/2500 TruckV8-5.7L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2007-2012GMCCanyonL5-3.7L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2014GMCSierra 2500 / 3500V8-6.0L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2013-2014GMCSierra 2500 / 3500V8-6.0L15 Apr 2014KND
Select2007GMCSierra 2500 / 3500V8-6.6L Dsl16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2005-2006GMCSierra 2500/3500V8-6.6L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2008GMCYukonV8-6.0L15 Apr 2014KFC
Select2015GMCYukonV8-6.2L16 Apr 2014KND
Select2008-2012HondaAccordL4-2.4L16 Apr 2014KET
Select2002-2005HondaCivic SiL4-2.0L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2014HondaCivic SiL4-2.4L16 Apr 2014KFC
Select2012-2013HondaCivic SiL4-2.4L23 Apr 2014KET
Select2000HondaCivic Type RL4-2.0L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2002-2004HondaCR-VL4-2.4L16 Apr 2014SPD
Select2009HondaS2000L4-2.2L16 Apr 2014KFC
Select2014HyundaiElantraL4-1.8L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2014HyundaiVelosterL4-1.6L (Non-Turbo)22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2014InfinitiG37V6-3.7L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2011-2013InfinitiQX56V8-5.6L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2014JeepCherokeeL4-2.4L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2014Jeep CherokeeV6-3.2L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2014JeepGrand CherokeeV6-3.0L Dsl22 Apr 2014KND
Select2011-2014JeepGrand CherokeeV6-3.6L23 Apr 2014SPD
Select2011-2014JeepGrand CherokeeV8-5.7L23 Apr 2014SPD
Select2012-2014JeepGrand Cherokee - SRT-8V8-6.4L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2010-2014KawasakiKFX450R45022 Apr 2014KFC
Select2014KiaForteL4-2.0L or L4-2.4L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2010-2012KiaForte / Forte KoupeL4- 2.0L or 2.4L22 Apr 2014KFC - Manual Transmission
Select2014KiaOptima / SonataL4-2.0L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2014KiaSoulL4-2.0L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2012LexusGS350V6-3.5L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2013-2014LexusIS-FV8-5.0L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2012-2014LexusIS350V6-3.5L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2012-2014Mazda2L4-1.5L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2013-2014Mazda3L4-2.5L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2012-2014MitsubishiEclipseV6-3.8L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2013-2014MitsubishiLancerL4-2.4L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2014MitsubishiLancer EvolutionL4-2.0L Turbo22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2012-2014MitsubishiOutlanderV6-3.0L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2010-2012NissanAltimaL4-2.5L22 Apr 2014KFC - Manual Transmission Only
Select2007-2012NissanAltimaL4-2.5L (Not Hybrid)22 Apr 2014SFC
Select2008-2014NissanArmada / TitanV8-5.6L22 Apr 2014KET
Select2008-2014NissanFrontier / XterraV6-4.0L22 Apr 2014KET
Select2011-2012NissanMaximaV6-3.5L22 Apr 2014KFC - Must have air injection
Select2014PolarisRanger RZR800cc22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2014PolarisRanger RZR900cc22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2008-2009PontiacG8V8-6.0L or V8-6.2L22 Apr 2014SPC
Select2005-2006PontiacGTOV8-6.0L22 Apr 2014SPC
Select2009PontiacSolsticeL4-2.0L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2008-2012Porsche911 GT3H6-3.6L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2013-2014Ram1500V8-4.7L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2010-2012Ram2500 / 3500V8-6.7L Dsl22 Apr 2014KNI
Select2009SaturnSkyL4-2.0L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2014ScionxBL4-2.4L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2013-2014ScionxDL4-1.8L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2014SubaruImpreza WRX STiH4-2.5L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2009SuzukiLTR45045022 Apr 2014KFC
Select2009Toyota4RunnerV6-4.0L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2009Toyota4RunnerV8-4.7L22 Apr 2014KFC
Select2007-2013ToyotaCamry / VenzaV6-3.5L22 Apr 2014KET
Select2007-2009ToyotaFJ CruiserV6-4.0L22 Apr 2014KET
Select2010-2013ToyotaFJ CruiserV6-4.0L22 Apr 2014SFC
Select2013-2014ToyotaRAV 4L4-2.4L22 Apr 2014KND
Select2005-2011ToyotaTacomaV6-4.0L22 Apr 2014KET
Select2011-2014ToyotaTundraV6-4.0L23 Apr 2014KFC
Select2007-2013ToyotaTundraV8-5.7L22 Apr 2014KNC
Select2014VolkswagenJetta GLiL4-2.0L (Non-Dsl)22 Apr 2014KND
Select2011-2014VolvoC30L5-2.5L23 Apr 2014KFC
Select2009-2011VolvoS40L5-2.5L23 Apr 2014KFC