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The K&N PreCharger® filter wrap is specially designed to extend the service interval of your K&N Filtercharger filter when used in very dusty conditions. They are made from durable polyester material containing a uniform weave. The PreCharger will stop small dirt particles with minimal restriction to the airflow of the filter. [MORE]
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SU-4000PK Vehicle Applications

Part SU-4000PK Product Specifications
Product Style: Filter Wrap - Round Tapered
Wrap Type: Precharger
Color: Black
Material Used: Polyester
Base Inside Diameter: 6.313 in (160 mm)
Top Inside Diameter: 5.438 in (138 mm)
Height: 3 in (76 mm)
Closed Top: No
Package Contents: 1 PreCharger Wrap
Package Quantity: 1
Air Filter Shape: Round Tapered
Weight: 0.05 lb (0.02 kg)
Product Box Length: 5.25 in (133 mm)
Product Box Width: 6.25 in (159 mm)
Product Box Height: 1.5 in (38 mm)

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I put K&N filters in my motorcycles, SUZUKI , DRZ400 2000, Cagiva Navigator 1000cc, and Honda MINITRAI, 1968, AND GOT EXTRA POWER, IMMEDIATLY, I'M VERY HAPPY !!!
Alfonzo Perez, Caracas, Venezuela
Filters were back ordered upon order. No problem though as the other filter was delivered within 6 days. A few days later another order arrives with 1 of the SN-2530 filters and 3 days later the second filter arrives. By the way filters are being used to fabricate a breather system for a 650 Kawasaki dirt tracker.
Gary McNary, Clearwater, Florida
I installed my first K&N filter in 1975 while I was the manager at Small Car Accessories, a high performance VW shop in Sunnyvale CA. At the time I ran these filters on both of my Corvair powered VW's, a '58 Single Cab pickup, which I still drive, and a '71 bug. They worked really well on the street, giving me an extra mile or two per gallon with pretty much 'filter-less' performance, and worked especially well in the shop's sand rail. Other filters would pack it in when running the dunes at Pismo and until the K&N's came along, you carried a couple of extra filters. The K&N's not only kept the sand out, but did well when packed with sand. A quick stop and a quick tap or two and they were ready to go again. Because they flowed air so well and were so easy to clean. We sold a lot of them to our off-roading customers, and they loved them. At the time, RURA racers ran their buggies and Bajas at a track near the old Fremont Drag Strip where they used them for their performance value and reusability. These days I run a K&N filter in my '99 Ranger, where I picked up just over 1 mpg with just the filter change. I still use a K&N in my old Single Cab, which since 1981 has sported a 351 Ford Windsor engine and Ford drive train (over 60,000 miles). My '82 Yamaha 650 Seca still has the K&N air filter I installed at the first filter change over 52,000 miles back. There is also a K&N on my Café style Iron Head Sporty (48,000 miles), my wife's modified 750 Virago (two pod style filters), my '05 Triumph Tiger (added three HP on the dyno) and the '97 GS500 Suzuki I recently saved from the back of a neighbor's yard. I'm taking the time to write this because the K&N filter is a product which is truly as excellent as the manufacture claims. Besides the maximum star rating I also give K&N filter a 'two thumbs up.'
Kim Crumb, Forestville, California

K&N SU-4000PK fits the following:
2013 SUZUKI DRZ400SM 398 - All
2013 SUZUKI DRZ400S 398 - All
2012 SUZUKI DRZ400S 398 - All
2011 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2010 SUZUKI DRZ400SM 400 - All
2010 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2009 SUZUKI DRZ400SM 400 - All
2009 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2008 SUZUKI DRZ400SM 400 - All
2008 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2008 SUZUKI DRZ400E 400 - All
2007 SUZUKI DRZ400SM 400 - All
2007 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2007 SUZUKI DRZ400E 400 - All
2006 SUZUKI DRZ400SM 400 - All
2006 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2006 SUZUKI DRZ400E 400 - All
2005 SUZUKI DRZ400SM 400 - All
2005 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2005 SUZUKI DRZ400E 400 - All
2004 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2004 SUZUKI DRZ400E 400 - All
2004 SUZUKI DRZ400 400 - All
2003 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2003 SUZUKI DRZ400E 400 - All
2003 SUZUKI DRZ400 400 - All
2003 KAWASAKI KLX400SR 400 - All
2003 KAWASAKI KLX400R 400 - All
2002 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2002 SUZUKI DRZ400E 400 - All
2002 SUZUKI DRZ400 400 - All
2001 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2001 SUZUKI DRZ400E 400 - All
2001 SUZUKI DRZ400 400 - All
2000 SUZUKI DRZ400S 400 - All
2000 SUZUKI DRZ400E 400 - All
2000 SUZUKI DRZ400 400 - All