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K&N KN-560 Oil Filter

Oil Filters > Oil Filter
  • High performance design for outstanding filtration
  • High-efficiency media with uniform pleats
  • Oil filter designs provides for a high rate of oil flow
  • Ideal for high-end synthetic motor oil
K&N Powersports Cartridge Oil Filters are designed to satisfy the needs of racers and engine builders as well as the average motorcycle or ATV owner who wants the best oil filter available. K&N Powersports Oil Filters trap harmful contaminants while the filter's construction allows for high oil flow rates. K&N Oil Filters are covered by a limited warranty to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when installed and replaced using engine and equipment manufacturer's recommended service intervals.

Product Specifications

Anti Drain Back ValveNo
Bypass ValveNo
Filter MaterialHigh Flow Premium Media
Gasket MaterialNitrile Rubber
Height1.938 in (49 mm)
Inside Diameter0.563 in (14 mm)
Outside Diameter1.719 in (44 mm)
Product Box Height2 in (51 mm)
Product Box Length2.19 in (56 mm)
Product Box Width2.13 in (54 mm)
Product StyleOil Filters
PSI Relief ValveNo
Removal NutNo
Thread SpecificationN/A
Weight0.1 lb (0 kg)

Customer Feedback

Very good service with my order and delivery time. Installed on my 2013 Can-Am Spyder ST-S, by my dealer on 6/8/14. The 40 mile trip home did not provide much time for evaluation but there is a noticeable improvement in performance. I will be checking on what effect is has on the M.P.G. etc. My previous experience with K&N air filters on Harley's has always been very positive in all respects.

Terry Weber
I would like to provide some feed back to you guys, in October I ordered an air filter & received it promptly with no problems. The last week in November I ordered 2 more air filters & using the tracking number was able to determine the package arrived in Australia on the 1st of December. On the 10th of January I still had not received the package and was unable to track it. My local post office was not able to provide any more information either. I went onto your live email service & corresponded with Richard, he was not able to track the package past landing in Australia. Richard took the view the package had become lost, he took my details & told me that he would send me a replacement order. In received this order on the 17th of January with no problems. Thank you very much for the prompt response to my missing order, it is nice to know that there is still people out there that value & offer great customer service. On your air filters, all my vehicles & toys now run K&N filters ( 2 offroad motorbikes, a Can-Am Commander & 2 Landrover SUV's ) These all have benefited from the improved air flow & have all increased in performance. Once again thank you & any future vehicles I get will soon have a K&N air filter fitted to it. Keep up the great work.

Kevyn Huff
Yeppoon, Australia
Why I only use K&N filters

Years ago, I only used foam filters - OEM, (brand names removed) on my motocross bikes. If I over-oiled the filter, the bikes ran too rich and ran poorly. Every now and then I'd get too little oil in part of the foam, allowing dirt into the motor. We called this "sanding" the motor. I had to re-bore the motor, and replace the piston, rings and sometime the crank and bearings. You could only re-bore the cylinder a few times before replacement was required. At the time, it seemed to be "one of those things" that all of us racers had to endure.

When I purchased a used CAN-AM motocross bike, it had a K&N filter. Due to the placement and design of the airbox, I found I could remove the seat and bang the rubber top of the filter to knock off the loose stuff, and re-oil. It didn't seem to matter if I put too much oil on it, since excess oil would drain off overnight. So much easier, and I never had to re-bore that engine. So, I guess I was using your filters because I was lazy and it was easy. And it worked better. Soon I would learn how much better...

I won all three motos (heats) at a track with a lot of sand and dust. I noticed the bike seemed to be running richer at top RPMs as the race went on. I still won, so I just assumed the filter was a litter clogged. Back at home, I removed the seat and saw the filter was completely buried in sand! A section of the rear fender broke off, allowing the rear tire to fill the airbox with sand. I was shocked that it even ran. I tore down the motor, figuring I sanded it. Nope. The inside of the motor, carb and intake were completely clean. I put the motor back together and raced it another 2 years before I sold it.

There is no doubt in my mind that a foam filter would have cost me the race, and I would have sanded the motor. My formula for long lasting engines is simple - good gas, good oil, proper break-in and a K&N filter. I've never lost a K&N-equipped motor since.

Thanks for making such a great product. It has saved me a pile of money over the years.

(PS - Feel free to edit this if you want. Folks need to know your filters really DO work better, not just last longer and make more horsepower.)

NOTE FROM K&N - We do not recommend over-oiling your filter especially on vehicles with fuel injected engines.

Ken Elliott
Clearwater Florida